Delta Sigma Pi Iota Omega’s Birthday

Brandi Arledge
Staff Writer

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PC: Brandi Arledge

Delta Sigma Pi Iota Omega Chapter is a professional fraternity associated with the Joseph M. Bryan School of Business and Economics at UNCG. On Feb. 1, 1981, the Iota Omega chapter was founded at UNCG. As it is currently part of The Iota Omega Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi’s recruitment week, it was decided that they would celebrate their charter day with the students of the Bryan Business School, by inviting them to their game night with snacks and birthday cake.

The event was kicked off with words from the fraternity president, Kennedy Lynn, who is a UNCG junior and Finance major. During the event, Lynn explained why Feb. 1 was important to the chapter. “Delta Sigma Pi,” she said, “was founded on Nov. 7, 1907, at the New York University of Commerce, Accounts and Finance in New York by Alexander Frank Makay, Henry Albert Tienken, Alfred Moysello and Harold Valentine Jacobs.” Lynn continued to explain, that on Feb. 1, the Chapter of Iota Omega was chartered at UNCG.

Doudgie Previlon, a UNCG junior and Business Administration major, has been coming to several of the Delta Sigma Pi events since last semester. Previlon said she “likes the way the fraternity introduces their organization and the decorations they have, such as balloons.” Previlon also said that she, “liked that the fraternity offered cake, snacks and games at the event.” Previlon felt that she was able to meet and get to know the fraternity brothers better than she had before coming to the events. Previlon also said that she liked the closeness of the fraternity and the brotherly bonds the brothers shared.

The event mainly focused on getting to know the chapter and the prospective students who came to the event, on a personal level. The people in attendance were welcome to snacks, cake and refreshments and were invited to play games with the chapter. Daniel Rust, a UNCG sophomore and Economics and Business Administration major in the chapter, described the event as, “friendly because I wasn’t quite sure if I was at the right place. I was a little bit late because I had to go to another event earlier, but they were very welcoming and they want to get to know me first.” This welcoming feeling Rust felt is something the Iota Omega chapter extends to all students in hopes to get to know other business students professionally and personally.

The different games the fraternity had for the public, included Uno, Jenga and Heads Up. The ice breaker activity started with Uno and Jenga. The game of Uno started competitively, but the people who played soon got to know each other and shared a few laughs. Jenga was a fun game for attendants to get to know one other, and provided an opportunity to answer questions students in attendance wanted to know about the fraternity and its brothers. After the fraternity answered all the questions from everyone who came to the event, they decided to separate the room into two groups for a game of Heads Up, which further provided an opportunity for people to bond with one another.

The game of Heads Up had several topics to pick from, such as movies, animals and even state capitals. What stood out the most to Previlon, was the fraternity’s brotherhood. The fraternity’s president, Lynn, said she “was glad to see everyone come together and celebrate charter day together,” and was “happy for the brotherhood shown throughout the event and the connections the fraternity was able to make with the students of the Bryan School of Business.” In the upcoming week, Iota Omega will still be having recruitment and in hopes to create more connections with even more Bryan students.

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