Disney in a Day

Rebecca Pearce
Staff Writer

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PC: Rebecca Pearce

Disney is a brand and company that has amassed a popular following across America and the globe. In recognizing Disney’s popularity, UNCG’s CAP (Campus Activities Board), hosted “Disney Day” on Saturday, bringing together fanatics for a fun night of snacks, trivia and a showing of the movie “Moana.”

While this event was being hosted by CAP as a campus organization, program coordinator, Amanda Koslow, was in charge of running the show. Koslow and her team made sure everything was Disney-themed on this trivia night, even down to the Oreo cookie snacks, which were constructed to resemble Mickey Mouse.

There were a few more sweet treats and beverages laid out for participants to indulge in, such as red velvet cake with a baby blue icing topper, vanilla cupcakes topped with an intricate rose made of icing and an assortment of coke products for drinks. All of these refreshments were coordinated to match the color schemes in Disney classic tales “Beauty and the Beast” and “Sleeping Beauty.”

“Disney Day” ran along very smoothly, with a turnout of at least 25 participants. The students divided up into groups of two or more, each group with one answer sheet, requiring them to have a Disney themed team name for themselves.

The game consisted of five rounds of questions, each one having their own themes such as “Old Disney” and “Disney Princess.” Many of these questions were quite a hard; of the questions, Koslow said, “A few other people in her staff tried to answer the questions and ended up saying they were too difficult.” However Koslow, who is a huge Disney fan, and knew that these questions would be a piece of cake for fellow fanatics. “I tried to make the game fun for all,” said Koslow, “but challenging for those who were not really into Disney.” There were of course, a good range of easy to difficult questions for those not as familiar with Disney trivia.

For the winners of the trivia games, CAP provided a substantial variety of Disney-themed prizes, among these, were “Moana” fishhook mugs, “Frozen” blankets, Disney coloring book and supplies, Disney socks, Disney Monopoly and a Disney puzzle. Each winner was able to choose from any of these items, depending on how highly they scored.

The snack and drink bar was open throughout the entirety of the event to those playing, and students were even welcome to join late as well if they wished. After the five original rounds, there was a bonus round, which consisted of five random questions about Disney’s history. The participants then turned in their scores to the judges and had the option to either wait for the outcome of the winners, or to watch the movie “Moana,” which was then shown in the auditorium.

UNCG’s CAP did a spectacular job in organizing the event. There were posters advertising “Disney Day” that were put up many days prior to the event all across campus. All of the snacks and treats were well laid out, readily available to the participants. The questions for the trivia night were also chosen very carefully, and were strategically thought out in order to effectively reach an audience with varying degrees of Disney trivia knowledge.

The event really hit home for the students and faculty attending. UNCG student, Jordan McCarty, expressed her love for Disney, saying, “Disney is important to me because it’s a way to hold on to my childhood. Everything about Disney is so innocent and always has happy endings. Disney always spreads a positive message with their movies and shows.”

“Disney Day” was a great way to gather students together for a night filled with fun, while also reminiscing on favorite childhood characters and stories.

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