Drinks and Trivia: A Dynamic Duo

Rufus Simmons
Staff Writer

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PC: Rufus Simmons

A game of knowledge intertwined with liquid courage is as entertaining as it sounds. Anyone searching for this combination can find their way to Little Brother Brewing in downtown Greensboro for Trivia Night, every Tuesday from 7 to 9 pm. Abstaining from drinking won’t stop anyone from having fun because this is not a dull affair.

You could feel the Trivia Night announcer’s energy as he engaged the crowd at Little Brother Brewing on Tuesday. There was a welcoming, exciting feeling in the air; as patrons of all ages packed the floor while the sounds of music, chatter, laughter and good times bounced around the bar all night. Anyone who wanted to have a decent seat needed to arrive well before 7 p.m., because the event and almost every night at the bar is a packed affair.

According to cnbc.com, 60 percent of restaurants and bars fail within their first year of business; however, that is not the case with Little Brother Brewing. Co-owner, Stephen Monahan, told The Carolinian that Little Brother Brewing can “barely even keep up with production because the sales are so high.”

“We’re working around the clock,” said Monahan, “just to get enough beer out to serve patrons.” Business, Monahan said, is booming and the bar is busy “every day of the week.” It is impressive that Trivia Nights have become such a successful weekly event at Little Brother Brewing so quickly, beginning only the week before this past Christmas, when the bar has only been open for two and a half months.

The guidelines for Trivia Night are simple; contestants can’t cheat by searching the answers on their phones. The questions are derived from topics like sports, food, beer and music, and answers are to be dropped from a tab of paper provided by Little Brother Brewing into a bucket at the back of the bar. A halftime question consists of a 10 point question, and the last question has a wager option where contestants can risk up to 15 of their own points, in a last-ditch effort to get in first or second place, to win either 25 or 15 dollars towards a current or future bar tab.

The questions are far from no-brainers, so it is well advised to go with a group of up to six people in order to form a team. In fact, the first question asked was about what food caused riots in French supermarkets. Anyone who isn’t the most knowledgeable of obscure facts and had no clue that Nutella was the root of so much chaos, would be well advised to bring an intelligent friend of theirs who knows about everything going in the world because they will need them to be competitive.

Another good, but perhaps less appealing, strategy is to be sober while playing the game. The host of the event yelled, “The more you drink the worse you do,” and that really seemed to be the case because the deeper into the game we got, the fewer names were called for having the correct answers.

The game is fun and does not fail to keep the attention of everyone involved. When asked if he was enjoying the game, customer, Russ Clegg, said with much enthusiasm, “I’m in second place so I like it.”

“[I] just came to drink,” Clegg said, but one must suppose the inviting nature of the establishment pulled him in.

From the coffee shop appearance to the gender-neutral bathrooms, to the vibrant energy of the employees and host, Little Brother Brewing is something special that only those who are striving for negativity can leave with a sour attitude.

It was hard to believe that the bar is so new, due to the observable community aspect of it. The only indicators of its freshness are how well put together and nice looking everything was on the interior.

Outside, there was a sign that read: “You can’t buy happiness but you can buy beer… which is exactly the same.” This saying fits well into the mood of the bar because when one walks in it, the first thing they will notice is how happy everyone with a drink looks.

Little Brother Brewing of Downtown Greensboro and their Trivia Night can be best described as every new businesses’ aspiration; a breath of fresh air. It is time to say goodbye to the days of local bingo tournaments to satisfy the desire for community competition; and say hello to the dynamic duo of drinks and trivia at Little Brother Brewing.

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