Friendly Center Offers a Moment of Bliss with Friendly Pets

Rebecca Pearce
Staff Writer


PC: Friendly Pets

Greensboro’s Friendly Pets brings locals and out-of-town visitors the opportunity to be hands-on with their precious animals offered in their store. Located in the Friendly Center, Friendly Pets opened in 1986 has now been celebrating 31 years of business. Friendly Pets is both a pet store and offers pet rescue services, giving back to the community the best they can. This store is known to offer local college students and the public a healthy stress reliever.

Friendly Pets features puppies, kittens, birds, a large variety of small rodents such as rabbits, mice, chinchillas hamsters, gerbils, an extensive selection of reptiles and a few exotic birds. The majority of the animals offered online and upon request are displayed in their store. The birds and the puppies are available to be held and socialized with upon request or availability. The store also sells reasonably affordable pet supplies and food for a wide range of animals. Friendly Pet’s encourages offers a  “Pet Lovers Club” and receive exclusive discounts throughout the year, this membership also includes a frequent buyer card which will allow you to receive $10 dollars off a purchase once the card is full. Pet Lover’s Club also includes monthly discounts on Friendly Pet’s popular items.

The puppies, which is the most popular animal in terms of visitation, gives the opportunity for groups or a sole individual to play with the puppies one on one in your own separate space. In order to play with an individual puppy, you must sign a waiver with a valid ID  and then select a dog of your choice. Each group or individual will have their own closed in area in which the dog can roam free and be played with! All puppies that are in the pet store are available for adoption, so if you are interested in a puppy its easy to visit and determine if you connect with the animal.

The birds bring a unique asset to the business and are more easily accessible to hold and play with if they allow it. The birds are placed in a large cage that and relatively low to the ground. The birds will sit on their perch and if they are willing can cling on fingers if they are placed in front of them. The rest of the animals that are displayed can also be pet and the cats are able to play with some with yarn through their cage.

This store attracts people of all ages and places, perfect for soothing stress and the adorable Instagram Photos. The Friendly Center is an extremely popular shopping center in central Greensboro, which often results in Friendly Pets being over crowded and noisy. The store has been said to be a lot busy during the weekdays and odd hours on the weekends.

Many question pet store’s humanity towards the animals being sold, which mainly focus around the concern on whether the animals have enough space to be healthy. This is a very gray area for many whom have different views on the proper treatment of animals. Although I’m no expert in pet adoption and psychology, as customer and  spectator, it seems Friendly Pets is doing an efficient job with resources and space they have in keeping the pets happy and well cared for.

18-year-old Highschool Sarah Woodward emphasized her excitement after her first visit to Friendly pets by saying, “I thought Friendly Pets was a really nice store and fun to be in. I love when pet stores allow people to hold and play with the animals because then when they get home they’re better around people. The store had a really friendly environment and everyone who worked there seem very nice and helpful.”

With the weight of the semester weighing down upon us, stress levels are reaching their highest peak. According to website, studies have shown that “Playing with a dog or cat can elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine, which calm and relax.” They can also improve mood and pet owners typically have lower blood pressure.

UNCG junior Kaila Tannery whole heartily backs up this stress real-life method “Friendly pets is a very interesting kind of pet store. Before coming to Greensboro I had never seen anything like it. I love going to friendly pets during a stressful week of exams because it’s just a positive place to be. There is something about being able to pick up a bird or rub a rabbit that makes the stresses of daily life seem to disappear.”

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