I Don’t Basketball

Shira Snyder
Staff Writer

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PC: Shira Snyder

Though I grew up in Chapel Hill, NC, I have little to no knowledge about how college basketball works. And when talking to most people about the Selection Sunday event, it seemed many others didn’t understand either.

Selection Sunday is a special day for college sports. It is the day when all of the match-ups are announced for the much loved, NCAA Tournament. The men’s basketball team at UNCG has gone to the NCAA Tournament three times now. The UNCG basketball team has been doing really well this season, being Southern Conference champions in both their season and tournament.

During the Selection Sunday event, the university laid out an impressive spread of food for all of its attendees. The pep band, cheerleaders, dance team and UNCG mascot, Spiro, were welcoming people as they arrived for the large viewing party.

When the team arrived, however, all of those in attendance gave a standing ovation, and the pep band played the school’s fight song. Before the viewing began, UNCG’s Men’s Basketball Head Coach, Wes Miller, gave a speech discussing the team’s’ accomplishments this season and aspects that the team needs to work on for the upcoming games.

“I’m really proud that we’re here,” he said. “The challenge now is to let the guys enjoy it, because it’s a lifetime experience, but also make sure we’re super focused on the task at hand.” Miller also mentioned some of the struggles that the team faced while in the Southern Conference Tournament. He pointed out the team’s offensive difficulties, but he didn’t fail to mention the accomplishments of the defense played by the team.

The team going to the NCAA tournament is a wonderful achievement for UNCG. It has been 17 years since the team attended the tournament last, and this is a true testament to the coaching abilities of Miller and his staff and also of course, the mindset in the players. Since Miller joined the Spartan family seven seasons ago, the men’s basketball team has only improved.

Every time that UNCG was mentioned during the broadcast or the UNCG logo was shown, everyone at the event immediately began to clap, cheer and chat. This was especially evident when the announcement that UNCG would be playing Gonzaga in Boise, Idaho, on Thursday at 1:30 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time).

When discussing the event with some band members, they all seemed excited about the upcoming trip. A senior in the band, Jacob Troxler, said, “I never thought that I would see this happen my senior year.”

The band seemed to be extremely excited about the upcoming game in Boise. This will be the first time that this band has ever flown somewhere for an athletics game.

The NCAA game will be an incredible experience for the university as a whole. It will bring a huge amount of attention to the school and will show that we are true contender athletically to teams like NC State, Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill.

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