Chinese Film Festival Screens ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’

Kolbe Adkins
Staff Writer

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PC: Kolbe Adkins

On Thursday night, the UNCG Chinese film festival was held in the Bryan School of Business and Economics. The film shown was a true classic; “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,” offers a unique look at the Qing Dynasty in the 17th century. The film festival was an opportunity for attendants to come and enjoy this classic tale of facing and overcoming a challenge.

Before the movie started, Miyahka Farris, a student at UNCG, said, “I came to expand my understanding of the language in which I’m studying.” Farris expressed excitement at the ability to go to the event and experience a culture unfamiliar to her.

The movie opened to the sight of beautiful mountains behind a fog, which covered a small Chinese village. We are then introduced to the protagonist, Li Mu Bai, and learn that he is leaving his life as a swordsman behind to deliver the Green Destiny sword, a sword that held great value to his friend who lived in Beijing.

The movie then takes a turn when Mu Bai’s master is killed by the antagonist, Jade Fox, who wants to steal the Green Destiny sword. After this scene, a masked figure emerges during a fight between Mu Bai and Fox. The masked figure is revealed to be the character, Jen, who then begins to fight Mu Bai. Fox, upon seeing the advanced level of skill Jen executes in her fight with Mu Bai, realizes that Jen has surpassed everyone in her fighting skills.

We are then introduced to the character, Lo, who is shown in a flashback to have broken into Jen’s house to, the night before her fight with Fox, to steal her most prized possession; Jen’s comb.

After following Lo to retrieve her comb, the movie takes a turn, revealing that Jen and Lo have suddenly fallen in love. Unfortunately for the pair, Jen is in an arranged marriage, and as a result, Lo convinces her to return to her family and marry the man she is arranged to marry. After her wedding, Jen leaves her husband to search for Lo.

While waiting for Lo at Mount Wudang, she discovers the Green Destiny sword on the mountain. Jen then fights Mu Bai for the sword, and loses it to him. Mu Bai then throws the sword into a waterfall, to which Jen dives into an adjoining river to retrieve. She is rescued by Fox, but is then drugged by Fox so that he can take the sword. Fox, however, is then killed by Mu Bai before he is able to shoot a poisonous dart at Jen.

Mu Bai, wounded from Fox, is then shown to die in Jen’s arms. After Mu Bai’s death, Jen takes the Green Destiny sword back to the temple. Jen then heads back to Mount Wudung to find Lo.

At the end of the film, Jen finds Lo, and she asks him to make a wish, to which he says: “I want us to be together forever.” The film ends with Lo’s words as Jen jumps down from the side of the mountain.

After the screening of the film, UNCG sophomore, Mackenzie Wright, said, “I found the movie thought provoking and a true classic.

UNCG sophomore Michael Huang concurred, “This was a great way for me to spend time with classmates,” he said.

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