Full Moon: A Fusion of Dancing and Laughter

Benjamin Pulgar-Guzman
Staff Writer

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PC: Benjamin Puglar-Guzman

The night was young when I arrived. I saw people migrating over towards LeBauer Park, where the Full Moon Fusion was about to begin.

The Full Moon Fusion was an event held on Saturday, March 31, in downtown Greensboro’s LeBauer Park. The event lasted from 7 to 9 p.m., and was meant to gather people of all ages to dance, eat and make new friends. From a distance, one could see people swaying and could hear the music echoing through the cool breeze that seemed to get colder over time.

LeBauer Park is located on N. Davie Street and from the ground, seems to be walled off by tall buildings surrounding it.

Situated in the park was a children’s play pit which sprawled out, long and wide with a variety of mounds and objects, even containing a miniature climbing wall.

People played soccer and badminton, while others sat and listened to 34 year old musician, Colin Allured. I decided to join in the sports for a bit, before sitting with the crowd to listen to Allured’s voice and guitar performance. As the sun continued its escape from the sky, the air grew colder as people began to bundle up.

Allured filled the air with his words, as he began to play his last song for the night. “Alright everybody, let’s stand up and dance this last one, all together.” One by one, the chilled bodies began to get warm, moving arms and legs every which way, as Allured began to play “Brown Eyed Girl,” by Van Morrison. Those of us who knew the lyrics sang along, especially to the “sha-la-la” parts.

Claps erupted immediately behind the last strum of Allured’s guitar, leaving everyone with a smile and a musician to recommend to their friends to. I approached Allured, his braided hair and cashmere tan cap emitting a comforting aura. Allured said that he had been writing songs since he was nine years old. He has a degree in guitar performance from the North Carolina School of the Arts.

Allured had heard of the Full Moon Fusion event through a friend, “She started working for LeBauer Park, and she knew I played music, so she invited me to come play here.” He had  previously performed twice at Lebauer Park: “Toons at Noon,” as well as a kids concert in the same park.

Currently, Allured has new music and a new sound up his sleeve. “I am working on a one-man band sound with full percussion,” he said.

Of his musical inspirations, Allured cited “Suitcase Junket,” as well as his dad’s ‘60s records. “I am very eclectic…I’ve been rocking on a lot of zydeco music from Louisiana,” said Allured.

After I crossed the field, I approached 35-year-old Tiffany, the owner of Anchors and Silks, a soap creator and seller. On the topic of how she found a passion for the soap business, Tiffany said, “It was by accident!”

After watching videos about how to do hair cornrows, she said that a video about how to make soap suddenly appeared on her screen. After watching the video, she gave it a try, fell in love and, with the help of her family, decided to make a business.

The Full Moon Fusion was an enjoyable evening. Those in attendance danced, ran and laughed the night away. On May 29, there will be another opportunity to attend a Full Moon Fusion event, and as with this event, it will be held in LeBauer Park.

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