McIver Building Demolished to Make Space for New Nursing Building

Nathanael Rosenberger
Staff Writer

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PC: Madison Hoffmann

Those who have classes anywhere near the Tate Street side of campus may have been delayed for the past three months by the fenced in area that is, or was, the McIver Building and its parking lot.

The demolition of McIver is well worth taking a few seconds to watch as the building is tossed like a salad by the demolition machines. McIver was long due to be replaced as the musty building was opened in 1960 and had minimal renovations over the past fifty-eight years.

With the recent purchase of two buildings on Tate Street for use by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) Theater department, the demolition of McIver is displacing fewer classes than it otherwise would have.

What is being built in McIver’s place is a $105 million dollar Nursing and Instructional Building that will elevate UNCG’s already nationally renowned nursing program. The four-story structure will contain the entirety of the School of Nursing, which currently occupies four smaller buildings. The School of Nursing will not be the only occupant however, as the building will also have laboratory spaces for biology, chemistry and Health and Human Sciences.

Additionally, a chiller plant will be built in the space to provide the new Nursing and Instructional Building with water capabilities to increase the reliability of the campus’s cold-water supply.

While this is a welcomed upgrade for some students and faculty, others are not as enthused.

“It’s inconvenient honestly,” said UNCG student Cassidy L. “I’m going to graduate this year, so I won’t even reap the benefits of this. Right now all it has done is make my class change locations three times since we would have been in McIver.”

Regardless of the mixed sentiment among students regarding the construction, the new building will be a welcomed boon to the School of Nursing. It will be the first new facility on campus since the Leonard J. Kaplan Center for Wellness building was constructed in 2016. The new building will take the Kaplan Center’s title of most expensive building, as the Kaplan Center costed $91 million, which resulted in a tuition raise to afford it.

“It sucks, but it’s not that big a deal. A lot of buildings on campus could use replacing, and they have to do it one at a time. I just hope my program will be next to get an upgrade,” said Justin P., a sophomore math major.

No information has been presented on whether the new building will result in more tuition raises for students.

“I am graduating before they open the new building, but I’m excited for all the opportunities it will provide for nursing students coming through the program after me and that prerequisite courses for nursing will be housed in the same building so students can network early with those already in the nursing program,” said nursing student Georgia R.

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