Science Everywhere at UNCG


PC: Martha Soukup

Shira Snyder
Staff Writer

On Saturday, April 21 from noon until 4 p.m. UNCG’s fourth annual Science Everywhere took place. Science Everywhere is a festival hosted by UNCG’s Research and Instruction in STEM Education (RISE) Network and the School of Education. The festival is for kids to explore different aspects of science through fun and unique activities.

As a volunteer for the event, I dressed as a box turtle and helped families around campus, taking photos with them, and exploring the festival and spreading education about turtles.

An amazing piece of this festival is how many different aspects of science are explored. There was a stand with animals where kids could learn about the animals and get a chance to hold and interact with them. In addition to that, the planetarium which was running and dining on campus came to help run the Agar Agar Lemonade stand along with several other kinds of booths.

Welcome centers had been placed all throughout campus next to each parking deck. Kids received a string bag, other goodies and a scientist passport. After visiting each booth they could get a stamp which eventually earned them a prize once they had accumulated them all. Walking around it was amazing to see kids taking in all the wonders of science. There were so many activities available and a few food trucks scattered throughout.

While walking around I met a middle college student by the name of PC. She was volunteering with other students, whom we saw simply walking around and enjoying the festival. PC was dressed as a leatherback sea turtle. We went around campus together telling people facts about turtles and “turtling it up,” as we phrased it.

Science Everywhere was pretty spread out throughout UNCG’s campus and ran into an art festival happening nearby on the UNCG quad. This allowed for a pleasant mixing of art and music along with technology and science. Families that were visiting were able to see several different parts of campus and experience more of what the university offers to its students.

Located over by the School of Education Building was a button making booth and a book donation box. There was also a string board, color-by-numbers station and what I thought to be fascinating to watch, a rope making station. It had long strings that were all wound together to make colorful rope.

It was incredible to see so many people in the area and how much science was happening all around as everyone enjoyed the experience of Science Everywhere. For more information about the festival visit

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