The 9th Annual Spartalooza

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PC: Cristian James

Kolbe Adkins
Staff Writer

On April 21, the 9th annual Spartapalooza was hosted by UNCG’s Campus Activity and Programs (CAP). Spartapalooza is an on-campus carnival that is held at the end of April for the annual Spring Fling. The carnival was held in the Jefferson Suites parking lot from 3 pm to 7 pm.

Spartapalooza hosts a variety of activities such as carnival games, photo booths, and various carnival rides, like the ferris wheel. The first 750 people to enter received a free food voucher, t-shirt, sunglasses and a wristband.

Upon entering the event, you could witness a sea of people, with the line stretching past the campus Bojangles. Everyone was filled with excitement while they waited patiently in the line to get to the carnival. While waiting, UNCG freshman Maria Rodriguez said, “I can’t wait for the carnival, my sister went to UNCG and she always talked about Spartapalooza.”

That same anticipation was present on everyone’s faces as the line moved. When students reached the check-in table, they were able to select their t-shirt and receive the giveaway prizes. Once inside the carnival visitors scattered with their friends to rides, photobooths and to that iconic fair-style food.

There were various rides to choose from. One ride involved four people getting into a tube while the ride would spin and twist around in midair. Laughter and screams could be heard from those who got onto the ride. After two full spins, a reverse happened on the ride and everyone went backward which brought a new sense of excitement to its inhabitants.

Another ride was the hang gliders, a ride which, as the name entails, mimicked flying in a hang glider. Waiting in line for the ride was UNCG junior Monya Gillis, who said, “This must be my favorite ride at Spartapalooza, it’s so relaxing and freeing in a way.” Once on the ride and lifted into the air you could see much of Spartapalooza. As the ride lets you fly and dip through the air, it creates a rush of wind as everything comes to you all at once. After five laps in the air, the ride comes to a thrilling end.  

In addition to the rides, there were a variety of food vendors to choose from. The smells of funnel cakes and deep-fried Oreos surrounded you as you made your way around the carnival, making it hard to decide on just one tantalizing treat. While waiting in line for food, UNCG sophomore Ryan Morris said, “There is much more of a variety of food than I would have expected, it seems like an actual carnival.”

Last but not least was the ferris wheel, which was more fast-paced than one would expect. Upon getting on the ride, everyone was instructed not to rock back and forth. The ferris wheel allowed for everyone to see the entirety of Spartapalooza and all the wonders it brought.

After a long semester, Spartapalooza brings together the students of UNCG for a good time before the stressful week of finals begin.

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