Top Five Most Anticipated Summer Albums

Matthew Paterson
Staff Writer

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The summer is right around the corner, with the only obstacle being the brooding week of crippling anxiety and cramming, also known as “Finals Week”. As grueling as that will be, the promise of not having to deal with the pressures of school awaits us all on the other side.

The lack of scholastic responsibility is not the only upside to the impending summer glow – another is the summer music that is bound to fill car radios and Spotify playlists soon enough. Here are five of the most anticipated albums to look for in the upcoming summer months.

First on the list is the long awaited Arctic Monkeys album titled “Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino,” which is their first album since 2013’s hit “AM”. The album is set to drop May 11, and if the retro teaser trailer they released on YouTube is any hint, it’s going to be worth the wait.

They also released a track list which is a juicy 11 songs deep and the vinyl cover that has the aura of a “2001: A Space Odyssey” miniature. They have released some tour dates already, with the closest one to Greensboro being the Red Hat Amphitheater in Raleigh on June 16.

The 1975 is also set to release their latest album this summer, tentatively titled “Music for Cars,” which is also the title of their 2013 EP – the third of the four EPs they released before their debut album. According to lead singer Matty Healy’s Twitter, the album is set to drop June 1.  

The band described this album as the final in a trilogy of albums, which have been about the different parts of Matty Healy’s life, from his teenage years to gaining fame, with this album representing his current state. The 1975 have yet to release much about “Music for Cars,” including a track list or tour dates.

Roger Daltrey is also releasing his ninth solo album “As Long As I Have You” this summer on June 1. In case anyone is wondering who Daltrey is, he’s the lead singer of “The Who.” Daltrey has gotten Pete Townsend to grace our presence with his guitar on seven out of the 11 songs on the track list.

According to Daltrey, this album is set to have more soul in it than his previous albums. He will be covering some songs including Nick Cave’s “Into My Arms” and Stevie Wonder’s “You Haven’t Done Nothing” along with singing some new originals.

Daltrey will be having some considerable competition, not only with The 1975 but with Yeezus himself. Kanye West, who just recently resurfaced into the public eye after he deleted his Twitter a few months ago, recently announced that his solo album will be released on June 1. At the moment, the album is left untitled, but the tracklist is set to have seven songs.

Kanye also dropped the explosive news that he will release a collaborative album with Kid Cudi called “Kids See Ghosts” on June 8. West is not one to give out too much information, so there is not much information about either of these albums, but “Kids See Ghosts” is the most promising out of the two. Cudi and West are bound to come up with something that is provocative and gets the people going.

West has been busy since he was last in the news, which goes to show how much you can do when you quit Twitter. He also announced that Pusha-T’s upcoming album, currently called “King Push,” will be released May 25. West produced this album, with Pusha-T revealing in 2017 that the rapper’s influence lead them to record the album about three times. This will be Pusha’s first album since the 2015 “King Push – Darkest Before the Dawn: The Prelude”.

Hopefully the news of these albums will provide a light through the darkness of finals. Just imagine the new music in your headphones already, because summer is just around the corner and it will certainly be a hotbed for new music in all genres.

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