“A Tribute to Michael”

Keia Harris
Arts and Entertainment Editor

Michael Jackson Tribute

PC: Keia Harris

To pay tribute to her dear brother, Janet Jackson released a video clip on Aug. 29, what would have been Michael Jackson’s sixtieth birthday. This short clip honors her brother by recreating a brief version of Michael’s “Remember The Time” music video, which came out in 1992.

His original video was directed by John Singleton. The video also cast several celebrities, including Magic Johnson and Eddie Murphy. The movie depicted an ancient Egyptian setting, where Michael is summoned by a Pharaoh, (played by Eddie Murphy) with the hopes of entertaining his dissatisfied queen.

Unlike Michael’s original video in 1992, which lasted over nine minutes, Janet’s modern remake, directed by Diamond Batiste and Kwaylon Rogers, was only shy of one minute long. This quick flick is sure to keep you entertained. The tribute video opens showing Janet sitting on a throne guarded by two shirtless tribal men, in what seems to be an old warehouse made to look similar to ancient Egypt.

Janet wears an all-black feathered dress, drenched in fine jewelry, accompanied by a gold crown. She watches a man (vine star King Bach) dressed in tribal clothing dance in an attempt to woo her. She points her finger down in disapproval and guards are cued to drag him away.

This comical skit integrates current social media trends as the dancer begs for a “selfie” from Janet while being carried away.

Halfway through the video, the second entertainer presented to Janet is vine star BlameItOnKway. With over 3.7 million followers on Instagram, Kway is known for his hilarious skits dressed as a woman with colorful wigs and lipstick. Kway dresses as his female persona, wearing a blue skirt with matching hair along with two other women, while dancing to the fast beat of Janet’s new single, “Made for Now.”

Janet watches with increasing pleasure when the beat abruptly stops. She turns her hand in approval and Kway rushes to her with excitement, but Janet immediately raises her hands to stop him as you do not touch a queen. Kway continues to dance freely and Janet smiles with ease.

Not only was this a heartfelt tribute to her late brother and entertainment icon, Michael, it was also a brilliant way for Janet to continue promoting her new song, “Made For Now” which was released on Aug. 17. After taking a few years off to have a family, the 52-year-old entertainer continues to amaze us as she evolves with time.

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