R. H. Sin: Reviving Poetry in the Digital Age

Meagan Bess
Staff Writer

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If poetry ever had a moment of downfall, that moment is now surely over. Barnes & Noble aisles and Amazon links are filling with aspiring and professional poets promoting their work for others to read. On Instagram, poets from all across the world are creating hashtags for the poetry in an attempt to expand in the artistry they are so passionate about.

For centuries, writers across many horizons have shown how writing and creativity can open quite a few doors to success with their work. Writing, whether it is fiction or poetry, can create connections and emotions all across the world regardless of language barriers.

One poet who has found a large platform in the digital age is Reuben Holmes, known by most of his readers as R. H. Sin. He is currently a New York Times bestselling author. R. H. Sin has gained a majority of his prominence from his Instagram page.

His feed includes his poems, the cover art for his past poetry collections such as “She Felt Like Feeling Nothing,” vivid photography, as well as features of his wife, Samantha King-Holmes’ “Born to Love, Cursed To Feel” poetry collection.

R.H. Sin has focused strongly on poetry with strong feminist motifs, such as in one captivating quote displaying a gray background on July 18, 2018, that reads:

“she knows what she wants
she knows
what she deserves
she knows where
she’s going
do not distract her
r.h. sin”

Today, it is not strange for a man to speak up for and alongside women. R.H. Sin is doing just that. His work holds a familiarity to it which can be relatable, yet challenges the ideas and feelings of the reader.

R.H. Sin remarkably has fourteen poetry collections published and for purchase at various locations such as his “Algedonic,” “A Beautiful Composition of Broken” and his “Whiskey Words & a Shovel” trilogy. One of his smaller collections, “I Hope This Reaches Her in Time,” includes 50 pages, while “A Beautiful Composition of Broken” includes 480 pages.

Expected on Feb. 5, 2019, is “Empty Bottles Full of Stories.” This poetry collection is a collaboration with Robert M. Drake, known under the pen name R. M. Drake, a poet who has approximately fifteen poetry collections himself such as “Gravity” and “Beautiful Chaos.”

Both men are Instagram popular poets with over a million followers and growing. Their collaboration is not only rewarding to them as poets but also to their readers. There is much prosperity to come for them both.

There is no doubt that anyone who knows very little about these authors might find themselves intrigued. R. H. Sin and R. M. Drake are setting an example for young writers to continue to put their full potential into their work, and to share it with others.

Any writer can obtain the ability to explore others’ work, but it takes another level of confidence to share it. It just starts with a declaration that it might be hard to reach people in the beginning, but it can end up being worth it.

R.H. Sin’s “Empty Bottles Full of Stories” is available to pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble at $17.99. February might seem far away, but that gives poetry lovers plenty of time to explore his many amazing works that have already been published.

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