The Anonymous People: Overcoming Addiction

Meagan Bess
Staff Writer

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PC: Lauren Summers

On Thursday, Sept. 6, the film ‘The Anonymous People’, was shown in the Maple Room of the EUC, with an accompanying discussion to follow. The film discusses many of the struggles addicts may face, a topic that was discussed in depth following the movie by people who had experience with the subject. The event, which was open to the public, consisted of a small gathering.

The film showed a need for resources such as treatment centers or recovery programs even within a school curriculum to help every person who is battling the disease. Many people want to win the fight and find their ultimate purpose in life. A few people at UNCG are also working to find their purpose. Obtaining a degree is a just a small portion of the bigger picture for each graduate as they cross the stage each year.

Being a first-year student who is also in recovery from addiction has its challenges. A first-year student might get involved in events and meeting people on and off campus, only to find out that certain things might not be the best environment for them since their main focus is school and not to fall into temptation.

Another student might be managing their time and dealing with the stress caused by their heavy workload, hoping to turn their backs on drinking or drugs. In neither situation would the students want to fall back into a hardship that took so long for them to overcome.

This film had its fourth annual showing at UNCG. The students involved in the program do a great job of maintaining the event’s relevance. Each student- specifically those on the student panel- shared their perspective on the addictions which they had conquered.

September is National Recovery Month which gives even more of an outlet for people to speak up.

Two well-spoken and admirable UNCG students, Lauren Byrd and Dane Wilhelm, shared their stories and the importance of the event. “Attending this event shows that there is nothing to be ashamed of. People have had similar experiences. Things can get better,” said Byrd.

Wilhelm stated, “The Spartan Recovery Program put together an event that created a safe place for people to feel comfortable studying and having other people who have made changes and transitions to a new experience specifically being a college student.”

Motivation is a key factor in overcoming any challenge or experience with which a person is presented. Putting one’s all into turning life around for a future with a great career- and even the possibility of starting a family- is rewarding.

It is compelling to know why people were driven to participate in ‘The Anonymous People’ showing. Wilhelm mentioned outreach saying, “Getting as many people aware around the world that there is a safe place anywhere, even at school.” Extending help to people should occur whenever and at any time they need it.

Byrd expressed her thoughts as well saying, “As a person in recovery, it’s important to show that anyone can overcome what they went through no matter their age or background.”

This world is filled with people of different cultures and outlooks on life, but addiction does not care what a person looks like or how much money they have. These same people on different paths can come together and uplift one another to find an inner strength and purpose they deserve.

On Sept. 27, SRP will be having their Purple Diamond Event from 12:30 p.m. to 1 p.m., taking a moment to recognize those who are no longer here due to addiction. That night at 6 p.m., a CommUNITY Dialogue will focus on African-American voices on addiction and recovery in the EUC Maple where members of SRP will be in attendance. Come out to support and increase awareness!

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