Wild’n Out Live Comes to Greensboro: Tour Review

Keia Harris
Arts and Entertainment Editor


PC: Keia Harris

On Saturday, September 8th, Nick Cannon and his undoubtedly talented comedic team brought the Wild ‘n Out Show to Greensboro. The show was held at the Greensboro coliseum with a sold-out crowd. Seats filled the stadium as far as the eye could see, with laughing faces enjoying the evening’s music, complements of the talented spin King, DJ D-Wrek.

Nick’s touring crew included several of his usual cast members. Special guest performances included rappers Desiigner and Lil Boosie performing hit songs, ‘Wipe Me Down’ and ‘Panda’. The crowd went wild as the rappers jumped from one side of the coliseum to the next, even jumping on the backs of audience members. The tour set included none other than famous social media comedians Emmanuel Hudson, Rip Micheals and DC Young Fly. The group performed stand-up comedy, adding an extra laugh between intermissions to keep the audience entertained.

The night wouldn’t be complete without the shows hysterical games that leave you screaming on the edge of your seat. Some of the games performed included the shows famous ‘Let Me Holla’, ‘Turn Up for What’, ‘Family Reunion’ and ‘Pick up and Kill It’. During some of the games Nick invited audience members to the stage to participate.

He chose one female and one male to play the game, “Let Me Holla”. The man’s job was to “spit” his best pick-up line to the woman. If the Greensboro audience liked his pick-up line, then both audience members could win a Wild’n Out t-shirt. If his joke was mediocre, he got a buzzer, and both would leave the stage empty handed.

The man stood in front of a sold out arena for what seemed like a century, shaking the mic in stage fright. He never came up with a pick-up line, but fortunately Nick was in a giving mood and gave both participants a shirt anyways.

Of course, Nick had to bring more audience members to the stage to participate in the infamous, “Family Reunion” roasting game. The evening’s joke was aimed at a pregnant woman from North Carolina. He bantered, “North Carolina I don’t want no drama because as y’all all can see this is my new baby mama.” The crowd went wild as the beat continued. The audience then joined the comedians in singing, “at the family reunion who you introducing?”

Not only was the night filled with the pure laughter and good times characteristic of ‘Wildin’ Out’, but the crew integrated local Greensboro culture into the rap battles. The ‘Wildin’ Out girls were all from North Carolina, rather than a touring group with the show. The comedians even referenced the rivalry between local universities North Carolina A&T and North Carolina Central.

Overall the show was a success, with the city of Greensboro leaving the coliseum with a little more joy and money well spent. The first nationwide Wild’n Out tour came at the perfect time, as the show recently recorded their final season. If you missed the tour this year, cross your fingers and hope Nick brings the party back to Greensboro for the next go-round.

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