Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Split

Kaetlyn Boeckel
Staff Writer


From the beginning of their relationship, singer Ariana Grande and SNL comedian Pete Davidson have moved quickly past the “normal” speed of most young relationships. The couple publicized their relationship in late May, and a mere three weeks later, they were engaged. Young love catches a bad rap in Hollywood, as the couples are often exposed by the media and scrutinized by onlookers. Privacy in relationships is seemingly impossible for celebrities and these extra strains often lead to quick breakups, compared to the “average” couple.

The pair very well might get back together at some point, but based on the fact that Pete Davidson covered his tattoo in dedication to Ariana, the assumption is not. The couple dedicated various tattoos to each other during their relationship, and both have covered multiple of them. Pete’s bunny ear mask that is attributed to Ariana’s album “Dangerous Woman” was turned into a heart last weekend, and fans were quick to notice.

During an episode of Saturday Night Live just weeks before the announcement of the split, Pete made jokes about their relationship. He jested that “she pays sixty grand for rent and all I have to stock the fridge!” and even noted how he hopes they never break up. Two weeks later, and it was over. The duo was together for approximately four months, which were very eventful. Ariana released her latest album “Sweetener” where she included a one minute clip titled, “Pete Davidson”. The gesture was taken very well by fans, as the relationship seemed to be a positive moment to be found in the many woes of the singer’s life over the last few years.

While performing in Manchester, UK in 2017, a terrorist bombing attack took place after the audience was leaving her concert. This attack was a heavy weight to carry, with fans as young as eight years old dying, and over eight hundred injured.

She publicly stated that the event led to many emotional issues for her, as the trauma and “guilt” pained her. On top of this, previous longtime boyfriend and rapper Mac Miller passed away just last month, after a long struggle with addiction. There were many comments about his death by people on the internet targeting Ariana, blaming her. The argument was that her relationship with Pete put a strain on Miller, and led to the overdose.

Whether or not the statements have any weight, putting that on Ariana was just another heartache.

After breaking off the engagement, a source revealed that the ninety-three thousand dollar ring Pete bought for her was returned to him. Ariana has since deleted her Instagram post announcing that she was taking a break from social media. Her last post promoting her involvement in a celebration for the fifteenth anniversary of the musical, “Wicked”, airs on October 29, 2018. Comments on that account have also been turned off, as she takes the time to recover from recent tragic events.

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