Opportunities to See the World with UNCG’s IPC

Meagan Bess
Staff Writer

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PC: UNCG International Programs Center

College is about putting one’s full potential into a major, so why not spend some time taking courses for a semester or two overseas? UNCG offers numerous opportunities to study abroad. Not only does UNCG’s International Programs Center (IPC) orchestrate studying abroad, but our college’s departments- such as Bryan School of Business and Economics, Psychology, and Communication Sciences and Disorders- promote the thrill of traveling and learning about another country.

Why should UNCG students who are interested and can fit it into their academic curriculum study abroad? The IPC explains, “Only 15 percent of college students study abroad.” This small percentage of students are experiencing life-altering events that they can take back home with them to share with family and friends. Students who are sophomores, juniors and even seniors who have a semester with availability, should plan ahead and make their dream to travel during the academic year a reality.

If you are a full-time student, have sophomore status or are a graduate student with at least a 2.75 GPA, get a planner ready and contact a study abroad advisor located in the Foust Building on College Avenue and discuss the next steps.

An essential part of this process is knowing how much studying abroad will cost. Any student will have to set aside money, particularly for safety purposes when living in a foreign country for a short-but-exhilarating period of time. The IPC shares that, “Students on a semester or year exchange programs pay UNCG tuition and fee rates, with housing most often paid to the host university (there are some exceptions – ask an advisor!)” Saving money from a current or summer job would be helpful before the trip occurs, for important expenses such as getting a plane ticket.

Are you a Business and Economics Student interested in walking the streets of countries such as the United Kingdom or China? The department says traveling beyond the United States could help a student, “learn about business from a new and unique perspective.” Find the study abroad program that fits your needs and will fulfill your goals.

After communicating an interest with your advisor, Bryan students should make sure to schedule an appointment with the same academic advisor to discuss a plan. In addition to the discussion with an advisor, a study abroad application will have to be completed as well as an interview and mandatory orientations.

Always remember there are deadlines, and to make sure all required material is submitted.

Students in the psychology program at UNCG “can immerse themselves in a new cultural context while also earning PSY, GEC or elective credits toward their degrees,” as stated on the Department of Psychology’s website. The website contains a flyer that lists featured exchange programs at universities such as the University of Cape Town in Africa and the University of Granada in Spain.

Although the opportunity for any student at UNCG does not require an extensive knowledge in a foreign language, it might be an opportunity to bolster language skills as well as confidence and comfortableness when observing a new culture. For more information, the psychology study abroad contact is Dr. Pamela Ladrow at prladrow@uncg.edu.

Students in the Health and Human Sciences Department specifically Communication Sciences and Disorders can participate in an international program in Shanghai, China through the program Fulbright Hays Group Project Abroad, which is co-directed with Dr. Kristine Lundgren and Dr. Ye (Jane) He. While there, students are given the opportunity to “visit elementary, middle and high schools in Shanghai as well as two schools for children with special needs.” Having programs that are dedicated to a specific area are very helpful for students to gain experience that might guide their degree or major interests.

UNCG students should not wait until it is too late to explore this opportunity during their time in college.  If you are in, set up a time to pack those bags and see what awaits you.


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