Spartan Community Service: Make it a Living, Lifelong Giving

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Meagan Bess 
Staff Writer 

The purpose of a resume is not to just list work experience and relevant coursework, but it’s also about displaying to a prospective employer that a student had some commitment to serve whenever possible during their college career.

What is community service? Many might have their own definition of this act due to personal experiences, but community service is unpaid work done by one person or a group of people for the benefit of the community. It’s good to know that helping prepare food at a church to feed the homeless or raking leaves at a nearby park is serving in the community— but why is it important to do so? 21st Century Leaders shares “community service involvement is important because volunteering teaches people of all ages and backgrounds compassion and understanding.”

There are a variety of service opportunities where people of all ages and backgrounds are not only giving to those around them but working with each other. UNCG offers opportunities right on campus which you can find located on the UNCG website at

UNCG’s Leadership and Civic Engagement provides students with the ability to perform community service as a student group or individually. Students looking to experience volunteering at least once during their college career can look for deadlines and get into contact with the department about opportunities such as Spartan Service trips, Civic Engagement Fellowships or servGSO which stands for serving Greensboro.

ServGSO has offered opportunities in the past such as having UNCG students join other college students to help fight hunger. Another option that students were offered were to work with Out of the Garden Project in preparing food donations for local children and families. Contacting a staff member such as Kristina Gage can help provide you with the next steps to participate in activities like these next semester.

For freshmen, sophomores and juniors who have a busy schedule next spring, but hope to participate in service in fall of 2019, Spartan Day of Service may be a fun and life-changing experience. This day of service takes place during Rawkin’ Welcome Week in August. Students explore the community off campus while working with UNCG’s community partners. Whether or not volunteering was a requirement in high school, each person is showing their young adult self that they can make positive impacts now and beyond their college graduation.


Students are placed in groups and led by a student site leader. Two perks are that it is free to participate, and lunch is provided. One past experience gained by UNCG students has been volunteering at the Alight Foundation- which supports local breast cancer patients and their families in the greater Greensboro area, where students put together important packets.

Students who have always been interested in being a part of MLK Day of Service can do so in the spring of 2019 presumably on Jan. 15, the second day of classes! The purpose of this service is to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through service.

“It gives UNCG students an opportunity to get off campus and to be introduced to different parts of our community while honoring Dr. King’s legacy through service.”

Both participation and lunch are free during this event. Groups who are volunteering will be led by student facilitators and transportation to and from the destination is provided as well. Some community partners include our very own Spartan Pantry, Volunteer Center of Greensboro, Greensboro Farmer’s Curb Market, Brown Girl Fearless Book Drive, The Center for New North Carolinians and Guilford Courthouse National Military Park.

Volunteering through UNCG’s services have given some students the drive to look for long-term service opportunities after graduation. Some long-term service opportunities include Amate House, City Year and Teach for America.

The Leadership and Civic Engagement also mentions internships such as Action Without Borders, Advocate Health Centers and Global Service Corps. While those who have developed the interest to build a career in service should look at careers in nonprofits including Autism Speaks, American Civil Liberties Union, World Wildlife Fund and SeedCo.

Get out there in Greensboro or your hometown community and give back, because chances are once you start you will not regret it.

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