Spartan Night Live: A Night of Laughs

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Justin Foxx
Staff Writer 

There are few things as unifying as shared laughter and good times, both things that were found in abundance on Saturday, Nov. 10 during one of the regularly scheduled Spartan Night Live’s in the EUC Auditorium. The event was held by the UNCG’s Office of Campus Activities and Programs (CAP), which coordinates events and opportunities around campus, and ultimately serves to facilitate more direct engagement from students.

As for Spartan Night Live, there’s a wide variety of personalities and talent brought to put on a show in the EUC Auditorium including illusionists, magicians and of course comedians. Being the comedy edition of the Spartan Night Live, it goes without saying that there were several varied comedians brought on to give everyone in attendance plenty of laughs.

Before and between the comedians however, was the host of the show adding plenty of banter and liveliness to the show all on her own, Erica Duchess (@ericaduchess). Duchess gave her all to keep the crowd of about 70 engaged between sketches, picking out interesting people in the crowd, asking questions and poking fun.

The opener for the show, Jay Dukes (@jaydukes1911), came out with music blaring, harshly singing along to the breakup song accompanying him. His jokes followed suit, marveling at some of the couples in the audience, asking them about how long they had been together, and gave us some quips about how his most recent girl had cheated on him after he did the same. Not all of the jokes hit the mark, but he certainly had an honesty that was engaging to most of the people in attendance.

The second comedian, Keedar Whittle, came out in a similar fashion, with the DJ maxing out the volume, although he came with a distinct energetic attitude. Alongside some observational comedy about a few audience members, he led into an extended bit about having an itchy rear end, that then had him slipping and sliding all over the stage. The bit was by far the funniest moment of the night for me, due to sheer ridiculousness.

The main event, and closer for the show, was Mr. Bankshot (@mr_bankshot), who had definitely stuck to a more traditional stand-up routine compared to the other two comedians. He had one really long bit played out for the entirety of his time that eventually led to the big payout and wrap up of the show.

The bit, in this case, was born from Bankshot’s disdain for unwanted social situations, so he’d carry a religious pamphlet to preach (and deter) people using the good word. Pretty funny all-in-all.

The funniest, though, was the impromptu step session that happened after the fact with the first two comedians and one of the audience members who shared the same Greek organization, Omega Psi Phi. That was an unexpected capstone to a pretty good evening overall.


If you’re interested in attending any more events on campus, CAP is constantly running events of all sorts throughout any given semester that you can attend and enjoy. All of which can be found on their event calendar

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