What Sports Moment Are You Most Thankful For?

PC: Lance Corporal Christopher Mendoza

Sports Staff

With the passing of Thanksgiving, the sports staff gives their thoughts on a sports moment they’re thankful for.

Andrew: Without a doubt, it’s UNCG Men’s Basketball winning the SoCon Tournament in Asheville earlier this year. I was lucky enough to be there and cover it for The Carolinian; it was the most fun I’ve ever had watching basketball.

Monique: I know this occurred about two years ago, but one of the moments I am thankful for is LeBron’s infamous block on Andre Iguodala during the 2016 NBA Finals. The block was so unexpected and so clutch. What made the block even more exciting was the fact that without it, Kyrie would have not been in a position to make the game-winning shot. It was one of the highlights of LeBron’s legendary career.

Alexis: As a UNCG Women’s Basketball player, my favorite moment would have to be playing Chattanooga at home for the Play 4 Kay. Beating Chatt at home, with them being the #1 seed in our conference, was a very special and sentimental moment. It took extra minutes for us to get the win, but every extra play was worth it.

Antre: I’m thankful for not only one particular moment, but the moments that the College Football Playoff bring, the excitement behind who and what team should be in and why. I love getting into debates about that. And the games are just very good and exciting! With so many good teams in the hunt in 2018, I know it’s going to be like that again this year.

Brayden: I’m thankful for Graham Gano’s record-shattering 63-yard game-winning field goal against the New York Giants in Week 4. I am particularly thankful for this moment as Gano’s clutch genes appeared to have flown out of the window in recent weeks, as he has missed three crucial kicks against the Lions and the Seahawks that have cost the Panthers likely victories. That’s just the life of a Panthers fan, though.

Dillon: Sept. 26th, 2014, Derek Jeter hit a walkoff single in his last game. Watching the game live, I remember the bone-chilling moment. It was a perfect way to end a remarkable career. Yankee Stadium would not have allowed it to happen in any other way.

Chelsea: I am thankful for when the Chicago Cubs pulled out the World Series victory in 2016. Winning the World Series broke the 108-year drought since the Cubs had won it all. Being a Cubs fan my whole life, it was a really special moment for me to watch and experience with my dad, who is also a lifelong Chicago fan.

Dougie: Probably in the World Cup when the Germans lost. That was really good. They’d been hyped up to be something phenomenal and an all-star team. And they were terrible, just awful. It was just sad at points. To make it sweeter, England lost in the Cup, as well. They had made a song about it, for crying out loud. ‘Bring It Home’. It was truly disgraceful. Anyway, I’m thankful for both the moments when they were kicked out of the World Cup. It was happy karma for me.

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