How to Eat Healthy on a Tight Budget

PC: Rachel Spinella

Rachel Spinella
Features Editor

With the holidays having recently passed, students are returning to school for the spring semester, leaving behind not just their families but their healthy, homemade food as well. For college students having moved away from home and living on their own as they go to classes, one of the biggest challenges is buying healthy food on a tight budget.

One of the many reasons obesity is high in the U.S. is because of the cost of healthy food. It’s no mystery as to why a college student might gain some weight over the course of the semester; students tend to call it the “Freshman 15.”

It’s hard for a college student on a tight budget to be able to afford healthy food while also paying tuition. Some might say that if you exercise more, you won’t gain weight. It is true that our bodies were born to move, but you only need around sixty minutes of exercise at least three times a week in order to stay in shape.

If you are wondering about how to eat healthy on a tight budget, you have some options.

According to the blog Stay Healthy, Stay Happy, if you go grocery shopping, make sure to write down a list of only the things that you need. You can either write this down on a piece of paper and hang it on the fridge or use writing apps on your phone.

Try to stick to your list. If it’s not something you need, don’t buy it. You may also want to consider purchasing more of one thing. For example, you may not eat five chicken breasts all in one meal, but if you divide them up in bags and freeze them, you’ll have them throughout the week. No need to go out to dinner and spend money on food each night you’ll have leftovers.

Coupons are nothing to be embarrassed over, and in fact, they can help you buy healthy food easier. Try to manage a consistent budget and stick to it. Instead of going to a fast food joint or buying food for lunch, try packing your lunch for once.

If you’re trying to stay healthy and are on a tight budget, try out these suggestions. If you want to learn more, head to the Stay Healthy and Stay Happy website.

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