A Rulebook on Spartan Self-Care

Meagan Bess
Staff Writer

PC: Beth Canter

With a library that remains open until the early morning hours, UNCG college students are always on a mission for greatness. Alongside planners filled with assignments and upcoming meetings, students need to make self care essential. There are several components, resources and opportunities that UNCG students might occasionally overlook on campus or just need a refresher of.

The following are great ways to relieve oneself of any stress that might result due to a heavy college workload.

Obtaining at least six to eight hours of sleep allows the body time to recover from a hard day’s work. It is important for your physical health. As the brain remains active during sleep, waking up after the suggested hours of rest can also help with improvement of “cognition, cooperation, productivity and performance,” as stated by Healthline. Sleep is also good for enhancing memory.

Some college students might struggle to fall asleep. Some ways to settle down before catching some z’s are reading an audiobook or listening to music.

Balanced Meals.Most college students have cravings, whether it is a morning cup of coffee, a Bojangles Cajun filet biscuit, or a Chick-Fil-A milkshake. Yet, loading your body with junk food will be detrimental to success in the long run. It is important to take time to plan healthy meals around those cravings. Incorporating fruits and vegetables into a busy college student’s lifestyle can be done. In the UNCG Dining Hall, plenty of fruits and vegetables are free with a student’s meal plan, flex, or a charge to their credit card. Each meal is a perfect excuse to get another one. The Elliott University Center also has some healthy options  in the food court, as does the Barnes & Noble Cafe and the Marketplace. Options for salads are in The Caf as well as in the EUC. Make sure to include other food groups such as protein, fiber, grains and dairy.

Though it might seem like a lot, eight cups of water are also recommended. This can be a great substitution everyday or most days in exchange for soda or juice. Instead of snacking on chips, trade them for a protein bar and almonds. This will keep your body and mind energized during a long day in the library or while going to each class.

UNCG’s Kaplan Center has a variety of equipment and classes to provide students with the ability to have fun while staying in shape. Going to the gym is a part of our tuition for those who pay the student activity fee, so why not go? If you want to be motivated to go weekly, ask a friend to go with you or just set aside thirty minutes to an hour in your schedule for a workout. Beginning with three days a week, this will bring results and there can also be room to increase to more days. Include more than cardio using the UNCG’s track, elliptical, treadmill or rower. Weight machines such as the lat pulldown machine are other good ways to build muscle. If you do not want to walk over, catch the Spartan Chariot or hop onto a Lime-S scooter.

UNCG has a meditation room located on the bottom floor of the EUC next to the Office of Intercultural Engagement. This room has an environment that is usually quieter than the library. UNCG students can spend time on “contemplation, spiritual renewal, prayer, reflection or relaxation, leading to a sense of inner connection and peace.” It is available for use during normal EUC operations.

Massage Therapy
UNCG offers students, faculty and staff this service in the Student Health Center. The purpose of massage therapy is that it is “the manipulation of muscles and other soft tissue to reduce stress, tension, anxiety and promote a feeling of general well being,” as stated by the UNCG Medical Clinic.  Denise Jones is our on-campus massage therapist who should be contacted for an appointment. Students are charged $30.00 per 1/2 hour and $45.00 per hour.

In addition to all of the above suggestions, take breaks in your dorm room or in the TV lounge of the EUC and watch Netflix. Take an hour out of your evening and attend campus events such as a movie or a comedy show. UNCG students can succeed and obtain their degrees, but remember to take time to care for yourself!

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