Our Kind of Love

Alliana Avancena
Staff Writer

PC: Azana Films

On YouTube, a channel called “Omeleto” published a romance short film titled “Our Kind of Love.” This story is about an Afghan village girl named Samira trying to become acquainted with the ways of western society, specifically within the dating realm. Harun, a second-generation British-Afghan who previously lived in London, is introduced within a blind date setting. For their first date, they meet at a modernized sushi restaurant.

There were explicit differences within how they grew up, as seen through their sudden bursts of conversation and topics. This lead to show the unique taste in expectations and perspectives each person had. This tension offers up a longing for connection, but under a pressured system of trying to be our best self, as most people can relate to. There is a melancholy of romance viewers can observe as this  couple feels the pull of their cultures, languages and traditions colliding at every angle.

Harun has fluency in both Afghan and British culture and literacy, characterizing himself into a sophisticated charm. Other women may see Harun as most attractive and at the ready to quickly become attached, but Samira seems to feel that there is an instability of connection between them. She is already thinking of the future potential in the relationship, rather than how he presents himself to the world materialistically or even within a particular social class. Samira is new to it all, so she catches herself being curious, yet making calculated adaptations to her daily circumstances.

She reflects on a small letter her younger sister left behind in Afghanistan. The letter symbolizes that everywhere she goes, she takes a piece of her sister and family with her. The story reveals that as Samira came to the states for a better life and to evolve as a person, she hopes dating leads her to the best. She runs across a problem that hinders her desire to go further with dating, as dating someone else in unknown territory entails secrets that may not be uncovered until later. As the date rolls through, there are many pauses, one of which is Harun’s ringing phone. His phone bothers him many times throughout the date, and he decides to step out to address the mysterious person. Samira eavesdrops on accident, because she had been alone at the table for awhile. She steps out and hears Harun talking to a past lover and turns around just as he sees her. They both talk about his past life, Harun tells Samira about how he wants a woman of culture, as the urban women of British culture do not really understand the love that he wants to give and receive. The new-found purpose of the date becomes clear and both request to start over formally and give this relationship a shot.

It was interesting as a viewer to watch the subtle vulnerabilities unravel, a process of love sparking between glances and small talk. This short is a genuine “slice-of-life” that viewers of our “salad bowl world” can witness and relate to. Samira clearly stands for her rights and abides by her own code of law in culture, as many men in her new world could easily manipulate her if she did not make wise decisions.

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