Nineties Comedy Jam

Meagan Bess
Staff Writer

PC: Meagan Bess

On Wednesday, April 10, the UNCG auditorium located on Tate Street had a crowd of students lined up for an exciting evening filled with comedy. Spring Fling, which occurs every academic year, consists of multiple events including the Nineties Comedy Jam.

The event included public figures such as Pretty Vee as the host, the main act Karlous Miller and Matt Rife. Pretty Vee is known by many for her humorous videos in her pink robe and her appearances on Wild ’n Out. Comedian Karlous Miller is a regular on Wild ’n Out who began his career in Atlanta but hails from Oxford, Mississippi.

The buzz surrounded some of the returning UNCG cast members who were seen on campus. The long line resulted in a packed house, as many of the students came almost two hours before the event began. The doors did not open until 6:45 p.m., which seemed to excite the students as their chatter amongst friends raised in volume.

As students entered into the fancy entrance of the UNCG auditorium, student staff swiped Spartan Cards and students settled down for what would await them onstage.

Before the show began, a portion of it consisted of UNCG students being entertained by a variety of music by DJ Roxci. A mix of old school classics, early 2000s music like “Lipgloss” by Lil Mama and today’s music such as “Please Me” by Bruno Mars and Cardi B flooded the room.

Students made the atmosphere before the event began lively. A funny moment before the show officially began was when students were so engaged in the music that when the show was going to begin and the music was silenced, most students became quiet with it. When the music played again, everyone was involved once more. A great way to unite students together can be music, as it was apparent last Wednesday evening.

The music kept its theme throughout the show, but particularly as an introduction to Pretty Vee. She walked out onto the stage, took off her slippers and greeted everyone in a white robe. Vee took time to leave the stage, come into the crowd on the main floor and into the above seating. Though she has a pleasant and humorous spirit as a comedian, she took time as a preacher’s kid to deliver a message to the crowd.

She told students to keep going and to not let negativity flood their minds. She told them that it was an accomplishment to get this far in school and that because of whatever goals were a part of their lives, it would all be worth it in the end.

There is no doubt that she was motivating at least one student, if not more, with her words. Positivity from anyone- but especially from an adult who is thriving with the dream she made her reality- can impact anyone to keep going even when courses get stressful and tests cause frustration. The reason all UNCG students have gotten this far is because they worked for it.

A few comedians including Matt Rife from Wild n’ Out came to the stage before the remainder of the show was dedicated to Miller. Rife mentioned being an Ohio native, and how he enjoys trips to the south. Impressively, he has been named as the youngest male regular performer for the comedy club chain Laugh Factory, in Hollywood.

Once the main act came to the stage and interacted with UNCG students, their laughter increased. He made jokes that related to college and some struggles that come for college students. On a serious note, like Vee, he reminded the crowd that as college students, we do not have all the luxuries we want yet, and that the outcome with the degree will be worth it in the end.

As a way to engage more students in the crowd, Pretty Vee brought several students to the stage for a chance to win money by being a part of the #vbouncechallenge. The end result, after some of the Spartan ladies gave the challenge their all, was money for each participant.

Similarly, Miller selected students to join him on the stage and make the audience laugh for a prize: money. There was not as much laughter, though many reacted as students uttered things that seemed to blend together.

Even though the spring showers postponed some of the Spring Fling 2019 events, this one was a warm and rain free evening of success with a meet and greet to end the event. Be sure to check out Karlous Miller, Pretty Vee and Matt Rife if you are interested in comedy.

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