DIY Sensory Space Jars

Ashley Allen
Staff Writer

PC: Ashley Allen

As students enter the last two weeks of classes, it is common to feel overwhelmed with assignments and upcoming finals. UNCG’s Campus Activities and Programs (CAP), an organization run by students, is aware of the stress that their fellow classmates are feeling. Throughout the month of April, CAP has been working hard to ease the tension of the last month of school.

On Wednesday, April 17, CAP organized DIY Sensory Space Jars for students. Located in front of the Moran Fountain, students were invited to create stress-relieving jars to help them through the end of the semester.

Students were first given a clear bottle and were then led to tables where CAP members walked them through the process of making the jars. Each student was allowed to pick different colored glitters and food coloring to personalize their jar.

The bottles were then filled with baby oil, distilled water and glitter, as well as a specific food coloring of the students choosing. In less than five minutes, students had created their own sensory jar.

The bottles had to simply be shaken, and students can watch the glitter and colors swirl within the jar. It was recommended to hold the bottles up to a source of light to see the glitter shine as you sit back and relax.

Jacquelyn Oates, a UNCG psychology major, said she loved the jars. She believed it was a great idea, and even claimed that it reconnected her with her own childhood. “It reminded my of life because you have to go through all the bad things before you get to the good things. This reminded me of the sparkle, good moments, in life and it calms me. It reminds me of simpler times and calms my nerves, especially with upcoming finals.”

These jars are not only a stress reliever but great decor for student’s dorms. It is a quick and easy project for students to do in their spare time or to take a break from studying in these last few weeks.

If you find yourself overwhelmed and stressed beyond belief, a sensory jar is just one of the many things that might be something that can help relieve that stress. As the end of the semester draws near, it is important to work hard in your classes but do not forget to take care of yourself, too.  

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