Jubilee “Spectrum: Do All Christians think the Same” YT video reaction

Alliana Avancena
Staff Writer

PC: Keia Harris

Coming across a YouTube channel called Jubilee, a series named Spectrum popped up onto the screen. The topic was, “Do all Christians think the same?” This group enlightens viewers about the wonders of the capacity of the mind in how people conform to societal standards and how to approach the world to promote diversity and conversate with others in a comfortable situation.

The most profound part of this video was the players confronting very controversial topics and delving deep into their foundation of how they came to be the way that they are now with a so-called same “background” of religiousness. I realized that as people grow and the world changes around them, there are people who stay stagnant, and disprove or improve the beliefs which they were raised to have. The preconceived notions about Christianity are not implemented through all people correctly and this channel proves that.

There are other videos that take into consideration how across cultures, there are malleable ideas with strong-minded people versus just people that believe things on a sideline.

With this type of situation, the questions that were asked are the following:

Do you like Christian music?  Have you doubted your beliefs, why? Do you support the LGBTQ+ community? Does God love everyone equally?  Would you date someone that isn’t Christian? Would you wait until marriage to have sex If you died now, do you think you would go to Heaven?

In this “Spectrum”, lines are drawn on the ground and people designate themselves to a range of strong agreement or to strong disagreement according to the topic at hand. It was interesting to me that people of the “same faith” really have different morals based on their personalities. Looking at them from a psychological standpoint, the way they were guided through life set differences between them all.

From being shunned by their own family to having a supportive system surrounding the goals of classified communities, some new, some old, it is interesting to see how progressive the liberal part of our generation is growing. In light of these growing communities, most people feel unified in certain areas of the world over others. The origin in which your parents grew up and the time gap really sets people up to see the world on their own, in most cases. In the explanations I heard, the art of seeing an abstract dissection of each question and what it means to someone else is quite unique, and will unite many in the future, hopefully. I hope that our world continues to blossom for the best and that defining concepts will be for good intentions, from the start.

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