Suns Out, Funs Out at UNCG’s 10th annual Spartapalooza

Gabrielle Lowery
Staff Writer

PC: Huntlh

On Saturday, April 27, UNCG’s Activities and Campus Events (ACE) hosted the 10th annual Spartapalooza. The event is a carnival held in Jefferson suites parking lot featuring many rides, prizes and seemingly endless fun for students to enjoy just before finals week.

Spartapalooza is comprised of various carnival games, free caricature drawings, rides and much more. Students are able to use tickets given to them upon entry for any food item of their choice, which includes funnel cakes, fried Oreos, candy apples and lots of other carnival treats.   

Just minutes before the event had begun, a line was wrapped around Jefferson suites with excited and eager students. Many of the students gathered with friends dancing and singing as Dj Pj set the tone for the carnival fun.

A group of colorful and artsy students gladly made their way into the carnival ready to take on everything it had to offer. Starting with carnival games the students played ring toss, which aims to get at least one ring on a coke glass.

Student and group member Ashleigh Jenkins expressed her desire to win a red stuffed dragon, however after playing the game several times she failed to do so. All was not lost though as her friend swooped in and gave it a try winning the prize for her.

Following the games, the group moved on to the many carnival rides including the Searay, which is a large ship acting as a swing by sending students flying back and forth in the air. Some remained rather calm on the ride while others screamed in terror and excitement.

After the ride was over student Gabriel Moore shared his dislike for rides but stated: “it was still a lot of fun.”

Dj Pj played “Candy” by Cameo, which caused the students to join together in the electric slide. Some students even had routine dances put together with friends as the Dj played a plethora of other upbeat songs.

The cheerful group of artsy students stuck together throughout the remainder of Spartapalooza dancing, singing, eating and enjoying the company of one another. I was able to join and offered to share a funnel cake with a few friends that weren’t able to receive tickets due to the limited amount offered at the gates.

Although the group was pretty solid they were also competitive as they played carnival games and dared one another to get on some questionable rides like the hog drop, which spun students up in the air, rotating up and down and dropping them at rapid rates.

In addition, many students rode the Ferris wheel, took silly pictures with friends in the photo booth, ate cotton candy, got airbrushed tattoos, face paint and much more.

Spartapalooza was a huge success for students looking to have a good time with friends and time to distress before finals week. If you missed it this year be sure to come out next year or to any of the wonderful events hosted by ACE or Campus Activities and Programs.

Til next semester, peace and best wishes always.

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