Jeffery Epstein: A Series of Coincidental Events

Ron de Varona
Staff Writer

PC: Palm Beach Sheriff’s Department

To start, I want to say that I am not a conspiracy theorist, in regards to things like aliens and bigfoot. However, everyone keeping up with the Jeffery Epstein situation should be infuriated. 

Epstein was a huge American businessman and convicted sex trafficker and offender. In his 2005 investigation, he admitted to molesting 36 children. Later on, more evidence was unveiled and in July of this year, he was arrested on federal charges for more sex trafficking. Then on August 10, he was found dead in his holding cell while awaiting his trial. This was, in my opinion, no suicide. 

Money cannot buy happiness but it can definitely buy power. As I was looking into his cases and sentencing, I found some things that simply make my skin boil. In “prison,” Epstein apparently was moved to a private wing of the Palm Beach County Stockade. After almost four months, he was allowed to leave for up to 12 hours a day six days a week for “work.” If this already seems suspicious to you, it’s because it is. Work permits are typically only granted for those who have less than 10 months remaining on their sentences. The privilege also excluded registered sex offenders. He was allowed guests and a log was kept of all of them, but of course, that list was destroyed by the officers he was paying.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office received $128,000 from one of Epstein’s non-profit organizations to allegedly pay for his “extra services.” This included permit deputies whose overtime was paid by Epstein.

My point is that money alone is not evil, it’s the power that comes from having money which makes people evil. I mention ‘people’ because Epstein had a close circle of friends, one of them being President Donald Trump, who attended several of his “parties.” Trump even went as far as to tell a journalist Epstein, “likes beautiful women” as much as he does, although Epstein likes them, “on the younger side.” Former President Bill Clinton was also a close friend of Epstein, and has gone on trips with him, as well as with Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker. 

What were his contacts doing with him in the first place, and why did Ghislaine admit that Epstein’s estate in the Virgin Islands was completely covered in cameras?  According to him, they, “were videotaping everyone on the island as an insurance policy.” Why do you need an “insurance policy” to visit this private island?

I mention his many contacts because our president was known for visiting Epstein. Some of the other contacts probably do not want to be involved in the case, and dead men tell no tales. This guy was paying other prisoners in 2019 for protection by transferring funds to their commissary accounts, according to The New York Times. This seems like an obvious effort to buy his safety.

Epstein was also on intense suicide watch, which means he was supposed to be under 24/7 observation. I emphasize ‘supposed to be.’ Epstein had already signed his last will and testament, so he should have been on even higher security. Two days afters signing his will, he was found dead from an apparent hanging. His autopsy report said he died from several broken bones in his neck, which is often the result of being hanged. It also lines up with strangulation.

The night before he was discovered, he had been left alone after his cellmate was transferred. The two guards who were supposed to be watching him 24/7 had not checked on him for three hours. Many have speculated that there was a camera malfunction, preventing any substantial footage, to prove or disprove that Epstein killed himself.

This cannot be interpreted as some huge coincidence or that his conscience caught up to him. This man and his associates are monsters. Whether you believe he killed himself or any of the conspiracy theories floating around, it’s clear that there is more to this story than is being told. 

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