Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris Visits Greensboro

PC: Gage Skidmore

Hannah Astin
Staff Writer

Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris spoke in Greensboro on Sunday, Aug. 25 while on the campaign trail. The former prosecutor and current California senator visited two locations in Durham before stopping at Smith High School. 

Addressing the crowded gymnasium, Harris made a case against Trump’s presidency while also speaking about climate change, equal pay for women and “common sense” gun legislation. 

“My mother was the kind of parent that if you ever came home complaining about something,” said Harris. “She would look at you with a straight face, maybe one hand on her hip and she would say, ‘Well, what you gonna do about it?’ So I decided to run for president of the United States.”

During her half hour speech, Harris directly referenced Trump and his “Make America Great Again” slogan. 

“All of us were very clear that he was talking about going back to something,” said Harris. “Which begs the question: Back to exactly what? Back before the Voting Rights Act? Back before the Civil Rights Act? Back before the Fair Housing Act? Back before a federal minimum wage? Back before Roe v. Wade? Well we’re not going back!”

Before Harris took the stage, state Sen. Gladys Robinson, state Rep. Derwin Montgomery and Greensboro Mayor Pro tempore Yvonne Johnson spoke to the crowd, most of which was clad in “Harris 2020” shirts and holding “Kamala Harris for the People” signs. 

Residents from both Greensboro and the greater piedmont area came to hear Harris speak. 

“I wanted to get a feel for her energy,” said Becky Kinkade, who drove from Hillsborough to attend the event, to the Triad City Beat. “She’s the forerunner for me. I think it’s time for a woman in the White House. I like her policies. There’s so much that has to change.”

“It’s time to start dwindling down,” said Greensboro resident Linda Manning to the Triad City Beat about the Democratic choices for president. “They’re sort of all together right now.”

Steven Garfunkle, a UNCG student, also attended and volunteered for the rally. 

“Attending the Kamala Harris rally was a very rewarding experience,” said Garfunkle. “The large, energetic crowd erupted with applause when Senator Harris entered.” 

Garfunkle continued, “In speaking about Trump, Harris said, ‘Dude’s got to go,’ and the crowd took up the chant. It was a humorous yet effective way to get the message across that Trump must be defeated in the 2020 election.”

In addition to attacking Trump’s policies, Harris set out policy plans of her own should she be elected. 

Harris said that she would implement a tax credit of up to $6,000 per year for families who make less than $100,000 per year. This credit could be given in $500 per month increments. 

Harris also intends to give Congress 100 days to put legislation on her desk regarding universal background checks for firearm purchases and an assault weapon ban renewal. 

Harris plans to re-enter the Paris Climate Agreement negotiated by President Obama and abandoned by President Trump, and to implement the Green New Deal. Additionally, Harris wanted to increase teacher pay and instate equal pay for women. 

To end her speech, Harris underscored the urgency of change from the current administration. 

“Fight we will, and fight we must,” said Harris. “Knowing that this is a fight that is born out of optimism, this is a fight that is born out of knowing and believing and having faith in what can be unburdened by what has been. This is a fight that is not only for the soul of the country, this is a fight born out of love for [this] country. And Greensboro, this is a fight we’re gonna win.”

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