Why is Joining Clubs or Organizations Beneficial for College Students?

Rachel Spinella
Features Editor

PC: Rachel Spinella

When it comes to the first day of college, it can be hard for freshman or transfer students to meet new people and make new friends. It’s not easy being the new person on campus and it can be a bit overwhelming at first.

Even if you have classes with other people, it’s still sometimes hard to make friends by breaking the ice. Some professors can make the class more engaging by encouraging students to interact with one another in the hopes that these students will end up making friends. However this isn’t always the case. 

So how can you meet new friends while also not trying to stress yourself out with class related activities? UNCG, like many other universities, all have extracurricular activities with different interests and ways to meet new people. 

UNCG offers many additional clubs and organizations for students to join to meet new people and have fun. There are over a hundred clubs and organizations for UNCG students to attend that you can find on UNCG Spartan Connect.  

From athletics to academic organizations, fraternities and sororities as well as some cultural or language clubs that are ways to meet new people and learn different things. Clubs such as Mens or Womens Rugby, Fencing, Swimming, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Chinese Culture Club, German Club Intercultural Leadership Council, Garden club etc. 

Organizations and clubs often provide many benefits for students as well as the real world. For example, it offers a chance for students to build their skillset, by participating and working with others and helps make you a more well rounded individual. Some of these skills you might not be able to learn or develop in classes. Things like, managing money, building or creating relationships with outside vendors or fulfilling responsibilities and deadlines.

Not only do organizations help students build or develop certain skills but these extracurricular activities also challenge students to manage their time effectively. This comes in handy not only when it comes to jobs or activities, but also in your personal life as well. It is a skill that potential employers look for in employees, and that graduating students should take into consideration when they are in the realm of job searching. 

A third benefit that belonging to an organization enlists is being collaborative with others. Clubs or organizations help push, as well as encourage, students to work together as a team. It also presents an opportunity to help and develop leadership skills by helping manage projects and working out any difficulties.

As stated above, joining organizations also can lead to great friendships and even social networking opportunities. Not only can students meet new friends, but sometimes students can become friends with others that they might generally hang out with. 

This can also lead to connections with other students or peers that can benefit a student after graduation. By forming connections, you are also increasing your chances for exposure and learning not only in your school environment but your social capital as well.  

Finally, another reason that organizations can develop certain special skills is self-confidence. When balancing both their academics and extracurriculars, students can come away from the experience with a stronger and better understanding of their own capabilities. This can also build self-assurance and lead to taking on more responsibilities. 

If you are interested in joining a club this Fall and meeting new people, be sure to check out Spartanconnect.com Don’t be afraid to get out there, meet new people and most importantly join something that you enjoy and love doing! 

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