Dancing Into Wellness

Hannah Larson 
Staff Writer

PC: Gabrielle Lowery

A few days ago, a TV anchor, Lara Spencer, decided to target Prince George for taking ballet. As a society, people have often ridiculed boys for their interest and desire in this art and that it is a “girl’s” activity. 

This is simply not true. Dancing is great for anyone, regardless of what age or how in shape you are. It has proven to have a variety of health benefits that can make anyone feel like their better self.

Everyone is conscious of the idea that dance helps with flexibility and muscular strength.. Yet, there are actually bigger benefits that people often overlook. Dancing has been linked to increasing your intelligence which might sound a bit odd at first. 

However, a study was released from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine that found dancing helped prevent dementia in older participants. That said, dancing helps our brains work better and become stronger. “Over and over again, study after study shows that frequent dancing can improve on the functioning of the brain, more so than any other activity.” Stated Miller.

Memory is a big part of it. Your body gets accustomed to constantly picking up steps and choreography, so, after some time you will actually be able to remember more. Your smarts aren’t the only thing affected by dancing; your own positivity can also increase. 

Dancing has also been related to improving a person’s mental health and self-esteem.  Depression is very common and affects one’s mentality. Dancing gets people to move and have a change of setting and scenery. 

In the brain, there are chemicals called endorphins that help to elevate a person’s happiness. When you dance, the endorphins are released which then gives you that good feeling all throughout your body. In a way, those chemicals start “dancing” too. This activity also gets you to interact with other individuals. Being around others can also boost your mental health. 

“Dancing can improve the way you feel and your outlook on life. It will get you out of the house and into the company of other people. Listening to music and becoming involved with dancing will make you feel more alive and will greatly improve your outlook on life.” Miller continued.

 On the same note, dance also reduces stress. It’s an activity that requires you to be in the moment rather than thinking about all of your worries and everything else. Your attention focuses on the steps and the combination instead, which helps put you in a calmer state of mind. 

Dancing has a broad range of health benefits that many people may not realize but can certainly gain from. Most importantly, it will make you a happier person. Next time ditch the running sneakers for dance shoes. 

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