UNCG Women’s Soccer Falls 3-0 to Davidson

Monique Williams
Staff Writer

PC: Monique Williams

The UNCG women’s soccer team faced off against Davidson last Thursday at the UNCG Soccer Stadium. The fans came out to support the two teams, with the attendance recorded at over 1,300. Despite all the Spartan support, UNCG was unable to walk away with a win. The Spartans fell 3-0 to Davidson in a tough, physical game. 

The Spartans entered this game with a 0-2 home record and an overall record of 0-4-1.They had lost their previous home game against Iowa 3-0. Iowa dominated that game offensively with 23 shots and 10 corner kicks to UNCG’s seven shots and one corner kick. UNCG’s defense fell apart that night, giving up 12 shots in the first half. Off those 12 shots, Iowa scored two goals in the first period and then, another in the second period to finish the game with three goals. This loss would make UNCG’s second scoreless game.

After three straight losses, the Spartans sought vengeance at home Thursday night. With over 1,000 spectators watching, you would think it was must-see action, and it was—for  Davidson fans. The first goal of the game came off the foot of Davidson’s forward Cameron France right before the sixth minute, giving the Wildcats an early 1-0 lead. 

Unfortunately for the Spartans, Davidson didn’t let their foot off the gas in the first period. Off their five shots in the first, Davidson was able to score twice. The Spartans only attempted two shots in the first period.

While the Spartans struggled, Davidson continued to add onto their lead. The second goal of the game was scored by yet another Davidson forward. Senior forward Manceaux scored off a cross into the middle of the box in the 31st minute. 

Davidson ended halftime with a comfortable 2-0 lead against the Spartans. UNCG’S defense was not up to par in the first half while the offense also struggled with establishing rhythm. 

Moreover, UNCG failed to make all the necessary adjustments coming out of halftime. With just seven minutes into the 2nd period, Davidson scored once more, increasing the lead to 3-0 with less than 40 minutes to go. 

At this point, you could feel the frustration from UNCG fans in the stadium. The Spartans tried their best to turn things around defensively. Ultimately, they picked up the energy and began spacing the field more. There was better coverage and more calculated deflections. 

The Spartan defense had allowed four corner kicks and five shots in the first period, but only allowed two corner kicks and two shots in the second period. Despite the defensive efforts, it was still not enough to overcome Davidson.

The Spartan’s head coach Michael Coll made multiple substitutions in the second period in an attempt to get something going offensively, but the Spartans repeatedly failed to convert. UNCG ultimately edged Davidson on shots, 9-7.

UNCG’s primary goalkeeper Abby Buchholz finished with just one save. Senior forward Cienna Rideout failed to complete any of her three shots on goal.

This was an unfortunate loss for the Spartans, but they have time to make some changes and improve defensively and defensively as a unit. Coming off a three game losing streak and no home victories, the Spartans needed this win. The women’s soccer team remains winless, with a record of 0-5-1. The Spartans have lost all their home games thus far. Adjustments must be made if they want to turn this season around. 

The women’s soccer team returns home Thursday to face Elon at 7 pm. 

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