Hollywood Children: Insights on having Famous Parents

Gabrielle Lowery
Staff Writer

We all love looking at our favorite celebrities walking the red carpet, playing roles in big film and television productions and other mediated spotlights. We feel as if we know them because of the life they display on social media but what goes on in the lives of their children? How has the Hollywood industry affected the children of celebrities?

Many of the most famous people in the Hollywood industry have had children. Some choose to disclose this information to the public, while others are discrete, keeping the lives of their children out of the public eye. 

Celebrities that choose to make the public aware of their children often face greater risks of problematic or extreme media attention in the childhoods of their children. Many of the children of celebrities have been known to suffer from severe mental disorders, drug and alcohol abuse all due to the struggle to find their own identities.

According to Today.com, there is a special challenge for a child of a star or stars in coping with the harsh glare of the spotlight while looking for his or her niche. 

John Altman, a Los Angeles based psychiatrist stated, “some of these kids themselves are often given special attention not for who they are, but who their parents are. They can end up with a greater built-in sense of entitlement or importance that they haven’t established themselves.” 

While most kids in our society are focused on making friends, engaging in technology and just having fun, they don’t need to be thinking about their identity. However, as a child of a celebrity, it becomes difficult to participate in normal activities without the media watching their every move and pressuring them to pursue a life in the footsteps of their parents.  

Not only is the media placing pressure on them following the careers of their parents but there is a spotlight on every move that they make as well as their parents. 

In 2019, there is an epidemic of a cancel culture, which is when a celebrity shares a questionable or unpopular opinion, or exhibits behavior that is offensive or problematic to the media. This ultimately results in them being boycotted or “canceled.” This canceling culture has become extremely detrimental even for the lives of celebrities’ children, where they often are having to apologize for the opinion or behavior expressed by their parents to save their reputations.

Although it seems like being the child of a celebrity can get pretty complicated, it is not all bad. According to Babygaga.com, “Zoe Kravitz revealed that her dad was a strict, old-fashioned dad despite his rock star persona. Kravitz received an allowance and had a bedtime, something that many wouldn’t expect for a child raised by two free-spirited celebrities.

Like Zoe Kravitz, many children of celebrities live surprisingly normal lives, as their parents protect them from the limelight or simply raise their children very similar to the way any parent would. 

Kravitz and other celebrity children have expressed that having their parent’s business available to the public becomes difficult, especially when their parents are going through a divorce.

Nicole Richie shared with the media, during her parents’ divorce, they gave her anything she wanted as a way to keep her happy. Since the divorce was public and Lionel Richie’s affair was broadcasted, they wanted to spoil her any way they could to make up for the mess.

Lots of child celebrities share that they regularly interact with lots of other famous people, often calling them family, which presents more opportunities and accessibility due to their parent’s notoriety. 

Children living in the limelight of their famous parents has its advantages and disadvantages, but there is certainly a lot of pressure placed on the parents, concerning the fate of their children. 

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