‘Daybreak’: Netflix’s Take On The Apocalypse

Hannah Hall
Staff Writer

Once again, Netflix is fueling the binge addiction for many media consumers with an all-new original television series. Just a few weeks after releasing the smash hit,‘The Politician’, the streaming platform released ‘Daybreak’. Will this series live up to the success of other fantasy-based Netflix Originals such as ‘The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina’, ‘The Order’, and ‘Hemlock Grove’?

On October 24, 2019, Netflix released its latest adoption to the Netflix Originals lineup. ‘Daybreak’, currently a one-season show containing ten episodes, is a dramatic comedy based in a post-zombie apocalypse setting. The series features an ensemble cast consisting of Brad Peyton, Aron Eli Coleite and Jeffrey Fierson, among others.

The series follows Josh, a high schooler living in Glendale, California when a nuclear bomb sets off the apocalypse. As a result of the apocalypse, anyone over the age of eighteen has either been wiped out completely or turned into zombie-like creatures called “Ghoulies.” As the series progresses, viewers explore the new post-apocalyptic world and the way high school cliques, including the misfits, jocks and cheerleaders, have transformed into social classes inhabiting the new society. Josh must inevitably face these cliques and the challenges and dangers they impose as he journeys to find his girlfriend, Sam, who went missing at the time of the nuclear explosion.

‘Daybreak’ is great for many reasons. While it takes on the genre of post-apocalyptic societies which have become increasingly popular in today’s pop culture, it puts a never before seen twist on it. The series explores the well-known divides in a high school that leads to many different problems and fears that teenagers must deal with while amping it up with the total break down of society. It explores these issues in a comical way, and does a great job of staying intense and funny at the same time.

While incredibly dramatic, as the genre label implies, this show exemplifies many truths to the way high school dynamics function. Even during an apocalypse, the fear of bullies still lives on. ‘Daybreak’ also showcases the lengths people will go to to stay alive during a crisis. Josh uses the comradeship of the pyromaniac ten year old he used to despise babysitting, and his ex-high school bully in order to survive this new world and find Sam. 

In all, ‘Daybreak’ is an excellent show. The series is a fresh take on a pop culture phenomenon. It does a great job at showcasing the zombie apocalypse genre in a new way without losing any of the qualities that make it so loved. This ten-episode journey through a modern day apocalypse through the eyes of a group of teenagers is entertaining and eye opening to say the least. Make Netflix’s newest original series ‘Daybreak’ your next show to binge.

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