Civic Engagement Matters Day at UNCG

Promotional – Susan Dennison

Tuesday-Nov. 19, 2019
11:30 am till 2:30 pm in the Virginia Dare Room

The UNCG Association of Retired Faculty, Faculty Senate, Staff Senate, AAUP Chapter, and the Office of Leadership & Civic Engagement invite all members of our campus community to stop by and learn why civic engagement is important, and how to become more involved in the upcoming local, state, and national elections.  

Pizza and drinks will be provided to all those in attendance so come, socialize, and learn why voting and being involved in civic affairs is more important today than ever before in this country. 

Three non-partisan groups, NC You Can Vote, The League of Women Voters of the Piedmont Triad, and Democracy NC will talk about the mission of their organizations.  Representatives from each of these groups will then be available for two hours at tables in the Virginia Dare Room to talk with interested individuals about how they can volunteer for their organization. 

In addition, folks needing to change their address for voting purposes and/or register to vote will be able to do so at this event. Moreover, two courses students can take at the university that focus on civic engagement knowledge and skills will be introduced by the instructors. 

Do not miss this opportunity to have lunch, socialize, and learns how to be a more involved citizen particularly in our upcoming elections!

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