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Kathleen Estrada 
Staff Writer

PC: Kathleen Estrada

On Tuesday, Nov. 12 the much anticipated Disney + launched, opening the vault of Disney to the public. In a similar stance to the popularized Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, the app is set to offer Disney owned exclusive content. Which includes companies like Pixar, Marvel, the Star Wars franchise and even National Geographic. 

Many are attracted to the price of $6.99 for a monthly subscription to such nostalgic and magical content. It’s interesting enough that the monthly price makes the annual price only $70. Which seems cheap considering the difference of $12.99 for Netflix’s standard plan. However, it poses the question whether or not the pricing will increase over the years similar to Netflix’s subscription price.  

CNN recently released an article, “Disney+ looks irresistible. But here’s what it’s missing”. In the article writer Bill Carter offers insight into what the app claims to offer while asking if it’s necessary. Carter states,

“Disney is making its grand entrance into streaming on Tuesday. And the big question for me, as I suspect it will be for a sizeable segment of consumers, is simple: Do I need this?” 

As college students, can we afford to spend another $7 on top of all the other expenses? If one has Netflix or Hulu, not to mention even added expense of Amazon prime. Just having two of these streaming services could easily add up to $25 a month. Add Disney+ and the price increases to $32 or more. 

With the holiday season quickly approaching it’s a decision one has to make if the price is worth the overall cost. Especially since on Tuesday there was multiple sources claiming the app had crashed and people were having difficulties logging in to their accounts. 

In regards to the content on Disney+, Carter gives more insight to things the app itself lacks.

“The TV show lineup, for example, seems surprisingly thin. With one notable and huge exception, ‘The Simpsons,’ there are few titles (‘That’s So Raven’) on the list that bring with them the kind of avid, episode-bingeing viewing that Netflix engenders with popular favorites like ‘The Office’ and ‘Friends’ (shows Netflix is losing, incidentally, to other streaming services). Maybe some more enticing Disney product from the ABC studio library will be added later.”  

While Disney+ is attracting viewers of all ages as they have done most of their career, they are also aware of the changing times. Digital Trends published an article on Wednesday titled, “Disney adds disclaimer to movies on Disney+ with racist caricatures”

The article says that in response to older movies the app has launched a disclaimer. The writer Allison Matyus wrote, “Since its launch on Tuesday, subscribers are noticing certain films’ descriptions come with a disclaimer added by Disney. The disclaimer reads, “This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions.”  

Now that we are days into the launch, and Disney+ has quickly become the new trend. It seems that, It ain’t no passing craze. 

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