Art Intervention: ‘Take a lunch break’ at UNCG

Gabrielle Lowrey
Staff Writer

PC: Gabrielle Lowrey

On Wednesday Nov. 20 students at Gatewood art studios held an art intervention to raise awareness about the lack of time art students have to eat lunch between their classes. 

Five art students at UNCG came together to create an art collective entitled ‘Take a Lunch Break,’ which discusses the 10 minute breaks given between their 3 hour classes that are usually back to back. 

The students held the event as an intervention to inform the community about an issue that they feel needs attention.

Students, professors and guests were invited to the printmaking studio in acknowledgment of the peaceful protest to raise awareness and create change for the art students. 

Other students contributed by bringing food, engaging in conversation about the structure of the art program and by taking a break from their rigorous and busy schedules.

According to art student, Megan Gottfried, “ Take a Lunch Break was created to promote self care by taking a lunch break within an educational framework that does not allow it.” 

Nearly 40 people joined together to take a lunch break. The group consisted primarily of art students and a few professors. 

The students were able to make a statement using the event in an artistic manner to convey their message.

The five students partnered with two printmaking classes to screen print table cloths and placemats. The prints served as visual aspects to the project. 

Megan Gottfried says, the group has had two events and will continue to create content related to the project.  

The event served as a catalyst for dialogue across the UNCG campus and for other artists that may be struggling with similar situations.

The students hope to continue to advocate for the art students by hosting more events, creating artwork and collaborating with other artists and the UNCG community. 

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  1. Hi Gabrielle Lowrey,
    Thanks for this post. I have a few photos from the actual event and would love to share with you. Let me know? Thanks –


  2. Hi Gabrielle Lowrey
    Thanks for this awesome post. I have image / photos from the actual event if I can share?


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