New Year, New Editor-in-Chief

Megan Pociask
Features Editor

With the turn of the decade and the transition to Spring semester, the Carolinian also happens to find itself amidst a few exciting changes. This year, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s student paper happily welcomes its newest Editor in Chief, Kayla Jystad. 

Jystad took the reins after the Carolinian’s former Editor in Chief, Krysten Heberly graduated last December and there seems to be no better way for an introduction than right here. Though she’s only a second semester freshman, Jystad, a Communication and Religious Studies major, isn’t at all new to the world of journalism. 

“I was involved in the journalism program at my high school for three years, and it was a really in-depth, established program…I work[ed] for a publication that actually had an impact on the community around me, and to a certain extent, helped grow the impact that we had…,” Jystad said. 

Post-graduation, it’s clear that Jystad hopes to continue making an impact on the community around her. “Dream job, I’d love to work for or start an organization that uses the christian faith as a catalyst for advocacy and social justice…I’m also really passionate about revitalizing a healthy media landscape too. Honestly, anything that gives us a more compassionate world, I would love to contribute my time,” she said.

The impact Jystad previously mentions is a foundational concept in the world of journalism. 

Jystad understands the  necessity for such journalism and hopes to empower people through her new position. 

“When the country was founded, we established freedom of the press. Media was founded to educate and inform the public, and ultimately, to protect them, In a sense, freedom of the press has always been reflective of the freedom of the people. Uncensored media, specifically news media, gives us the opportunity to make our own decisions and take more control over our own lives and politics,” she said. 

This sentiment should resonate with the student community on campus as well. “In terms of student journalism, the importance is not diminished. Empowering students at any level to tell their stories and report on those around them gives everyone an opportunity to become more media literate, understand their own motivations and biases, and integrate diverse viewpoints into their own,” Jystad said.

Jystad firmly believes that the job of the Carolinian is a type of service to UNCG’s students. 

“School publications should serve as a voice of the school…My advice would be to read the paper, tell others about it, and don’t be afraid to interact with the publication. Come to us with stories, events that you want covered, issues you want addressed”. 

Jystad’s email, is always open for letters to the editor. All she requests is that students know “The Carolinian is the voice of UNCG, and if you are a part of this campus, it’s your voice too. [So] use it!!”

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