Brad Pitt Speaks Up and Out at the 92nd Academy Awards

By Evan Lugo

Staff Writer

This past Sunday, the 92nd Academy Awards premiered on ABC.  The annual award ceremony never ceases to amaze and stir controversy; especially in recent years. Brad Pitt won his first Oscar Sunday night, taking Best Supporting Actor for his role in Quentin Tarantino’ Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. In his acceptance speech, Pitt took the opportunity to make a jab at our government, specifically Trump’s impeachment trial. “They told me I only had 45 seconds, which is 45 seconds more than the Senate gave John Bolton this week… I’m thinking maybe Quentin does a movie about it. In the end, the adults do the right thing.” Pitt would then backup his comment backstage: “I was really disappointed with this week. I think when gamesmanship trumps doing the right thing … I don’t think we should let that slide. I’m very serious about that.” Kudos to Brad using his platform to speak out. Though politics right now are the cause for our nation’s strong divisiveness, Pitt using his platform and status to speak out against political injustice is incredibly bold. Pitt follows a line of actors and artists who have used the award ceremony as a means of expressing socio-political outrage.

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