Get to Know Student Journalist Hannah Larson

Megan Pociask

Features Editor

University of North Carolina at Greensboro sophomore, Hannah Larson, knows just how important it is to be able to speak your mind. 

Freedom of expression is a theme clearly important to Larson, who is hard at work pursuing an English degree with a minor in Dance. 

However, Larson’s pursuits don’t stop there – many readers of the university paper might be familiar with her writings already, as she also happens to be a student journalist right here at The Carolinian. 

Hannah Larson grew up in Vermont and moved to North Carolina just last year. “My first year of college was in Boston, but I transferred last semester to UNCG,” she said. 

It was then that Larson came across an online ad for the university paper, The Carolinian. “I thought it would be a good way to get involved at UNCG,” Larson said. 

As a features writer, Larson hopes to gain work experience for post-graduation life.

Even though being a features writer for the university paper looks good on a resume, Larson added, “I hope I’ll find what I want to use my English major for”.

Whatever her English degree will go towards, the power of the pen is clearly at the forefront of Larson’s thinking. 

“Student journalism is extremely important. It allows students to speak their minds and write what they’re passionate about,” said Larson. 

Being a writer for the features sections provides Larson the perfect opportunity to do just that. Larson has the freedom to cover events of her own interests, like dance, as well the opportunity to write about lesser known experiences. For many writers, including Larson, this creates ample opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding outside of what was previously known. 

Whether through writing or dance, Hannah Larson manages to capture important thoughts and moments while transforming them into something meaningful for the audience. 

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