The Department of Media Studies at UNCG: Get Creative!

Alexis Boone
Staff Writer

There is not a day you don’t run into someone from a liberal arts program here at UNCG.  If you ever wanted to become more familiar with how different communication channels deliver the perspectives on our way of life and straightforwardly sway our feelings and observations, whether it be television, radio, or social media, consider a major in Media Studies. Media Studies allows you learn and research the ways in which media influences society. It addresses inquiries regarding how it impacts the way individuals act in their own lives and in business.

You can also study Entertainment within the Media Studies program.  You will get the opportunity to analyze various sorts of media, investigate how it influences our lives, and afterward make your own type of media. Classes such as, Understanding Media (MST 100), Media Literacy (MST 205) and Intro to Media Production (MST 271), will train you in many important aspects as it pertains to the general study.

Media production is a form of art. Art is all about being creative; pitching new ideas is a major key. Individuals in this program can do anything along the lines of media production. With a Media Studies major, there are a lot of jobs and careers you can qualify for, such as screenwriter, film director, production assistant, photographer, etc. That is the thing that makes this major exciting, since you are not restricted to anything, you can translate your thoughts into the real world.

UNCG faculty inside the Media Studies program help make your fantasies become reality. They are very active and give lots of opportunities to assist you with becoming experienced.  There are a lot of on campus opportunities to hone one’s skills, such as Carmichael Studios, Film Festival, and internships to help students get a better job in the future. Also, they give you all the materials you need for your projects, like cameras, tripods, lighting, recorders, microphones, etc. The goal for the Media Studies program is to love what you do and get jobs that make you happy. That’s a dream their achieving. Living out your dreams, and not regretting a moment.

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