UNCG Presents: William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”

Hannah Hall
Staff Writer

PC: Hannah Hall

On February 14th, 2020 UNCG’s production of William Shakespeare’s other worldly play “The Tempest” opened at the Taylor Theatre. With immersive stage production, amazing acting, and hypnotic music the UNCG’s School of Theatre took the stage by storm and made their version of “The Tempest” one to remember.

To start off, the stagecraft was absolutely phenomenal. The most striking factor was the audience emersion; actors coming down into the aisles, with mist to create the sense of being a passenger on a boat. There were numerous well placed moments of fourth wall breaks. As someone sitting in the audience, you felt thrown into the events of the show. You became an integral factor in this story.

The lighting and the costumes were also incredible. The use of color changing lighting further enhances the experience. In anything else, this show was a beauty just to look at.

The creative choices were incredibly unique ones. UNCG’s theatre department transformed a Shakespeare classic into a jazzy tale set in the 1920’s. From the business casual of the 20’s being displayed in the costumes to the enchanting scatting of the spirit nymph Ariel, this classic piece of literature is brought into a whole new light. This use of creative freedom is truly a game changer for college level theatre productions and is refreshing to see something so familiar through such a new and unique vision.

Lastly, the acting. From beginning to end the actors kept you reeling into the plot. There was never a dull moment despite the hour and forty five minute run time. From the comedy to the tension to the action, there was always something to keep your attention. This group of actors kept the audience laughing and rounded out their incredible opening night performance with a well-deserved standing ovation.

In short, “The Tempest” was an unforgettable experience. UNCG’s School of Theatre truly knows how to command a stage and leave an audience awestruck. Get out to a performance when you can, you truly will not regret what they have in store.

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