Anthony Ramos is Storming the Pop Music Scene

Hannah Hall
Staff Writer

PC: Hannah Hall

 It seems like everyday there are new artists emerging into the music scene; from young self made musicians making a name for themselves on social media, to multi-talented artists exploring a new element of the arts, there is so much amazing lesser known music. Anthony Ramos is one of the many incredibly talented actor-turned- musicians making art and sharing it via social media. 

Anthony Ramos is probably a vaguely familiar name you have seen on the internet once or twice. Ramos is a year old Brooklyn native who made a name for himself through theatre and stage acting. His first breakout performance was originating the character of John Laurens in Hamilton: An American Musical both off and on broadway, eating a Grammy. 

Since his time in Hamilton, Ramos has been featured in several different television shows and movies such as Law & Order, Will & Grace, Monsters & Men, and most recently portray the character of Usnavi in In The Heights in both The Kennedy Center production and the movie musical.

Anthony Ramos’ music career began with his feature on the Hamilton soundtrack in 2016. After leaving the show, he released his first two singles “Freedom” and “Common Ground”. These singles were followed by his first EP, The Freedom EP, in November of 2017, which included the two songs plus three more, “Alright”, “PRayer”, and “When The Bell Tolls”. After the release of The Freedom EP was released, Ramos’ music career was put on hold while he focused on acting.

In June of 2019 Ramos signed with Republic Records. He released his debut album The Good & The Bad in October of the same year, which reached number 21 on the US Billboard “Heatseekers” Charts.

Ramos’ career is just beginning. His music is authentic, speaking on his own experiences, as well as on topics such as politics and the struggles people of color face. With his fame from a world renowned musical and his natural talent, Ramos will soon be taking over the pop music scene.

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