Surviving the Switch: Managing Online Classes

Ma’Kayla Hunter

Staff Writer

As COVID-19 has continued to shut down operations and change our methods of life, individuals have been forced to make drastic changes. Though various communities have been plagued by this virus, one of the main groups of individuals that continue to face issues are college students. An example of this includes the government-issued stimulus checks that the majority of college students couldn’t receive if their parents still claimed them on their taxes. Another challenge that soon arose were college students shifting from in-face meetings to online class work. 

This switch forced teachers to drastically change their curriculum to fit this new format. This has led to virtual meetings, recorded sessions and online work that loses the hands-on touch aspect. Students adjusting to this transition have faced many hindrances trying to complete these assignments. What makes matters worse is that this was not a transition that students were prepared for in any way. Speaking from personal experience, trying to get a grasp on this change has caused a major headache, not including trying to take in all the learning materials and still performing well. 

What’s important to consider is that many students learn in various ways. Reducing all students to online classes can dramatically hinder their success within their classes. Therefore, students have to find innovative ways to overcome this obstacle and still succeed in their classes.

Two methods of ensuring success are using a planner and becoming your own innovative teacher. A planner puts all of your assignments in one place, reducing the chances of missing an assignment. Writing in all of your assignments at one time can reduce hassle and put you on top of all your classes at once. In addition to a planner, being your own teacher is a valuable step that allows you to put all the information you’re receiving into perspective. This can be done by taking down notes and then transforming them into your own language to help the message stick. When I do this, I often make the information into a corny song that makes the material fun, but also memorable when the next test comes around.

Though these online classes can be a pain, students don’t have the ability to abstain from this issue. Students have to continue working through classes in this new environment and position. Though this can be challenging, taking control of the situation is the best way to have success. Using a planner and becoming your own teacher allows your learning experience to be more innovative, fun and effective. 

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