Now You’re Sorry: Racist Viral Tik-Toks

Kayla Bullock

Staff Writer

In a time where the States should be United, we are virtually divided. Once again, the need for likes and views are tearing us apart. TikTok, a video-sharing social network, is now under fire for letting multiple racist videos go viral. The app is used to create second-long videos of users doing anything from comedy to dance. Instead, teenagers are creating videos that promote negative stereotypes and racism. 

One video sparked flames throughout the internet last week. Two Georgia students were expelled from their high school this week after their racist video went viral. In the video, two white students, one male, and one female spew racial slurs and vile comments about African Americans. 

“First we have black, yeah, pretty black…next we have don’t have a dad…and then we have, eat watermelon and fried chicken.”

Above, is just one of the horrific comments heard in the video. As the video goes on, the students continue to laugh, showing no shame. Once the video hit Twitter, users were appalled by the racism. Users went as far as contacting the school district. When the school district caught wind of the video, the superintendent released a statement addressing the situation.

“The racist behavior observed in the video easily violates our standards,” he said. “They are no longer students at Carrollton High School.”

The female student took to her Instagram to publicly apologize for her actions. She claims that she just went along with her boyfriend, unaware of the harm it would cause. Now, she pleads to the internet to stop sharing the video because her life is ruined.

One user wrote, “— is claiming her life is being ruined over stupid teenager stuff—maybe shut up like your boyfriend.”

Unfortunately, the students were not apologetic when creating the video, only after the fact. Racists are always apologetic when they get caught. Being a teenager is not an excuse to be racist. In the teenage years, you are well aware of what racism is. I do not feel sorry for the students at all; I was infuriated when I saw the video. It is time to stop using age as an excuse for racism. I believe the expulsion was justified and a beneficial move for the school district. Now is the time we start creating safe, respectable places for students to attend.

I sincerely hope the students take the time to reflect on their actions. As a country, we need to stop spreading negativity. We, as a country, need to promote diversity and respect. Sometimes you can’t change that for everyone but like Michelle Obama said, “when they go low, we go high.”

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