The Future of America: Understanding Tomorrow

Ma’Kayla Hunter

Staff Writer

In 2020, the unpredictable has become the expected. Since March, this pandemic has altered the way America operates within its entirety. Schools are now mostly online, birthday gatherings have become virtual and Amazon has made an unexpected major profit. These alterations have permanently changed the way we think and survive within America. We no longer have a “normal” after five solid months of a pandemic affecting America and its many components. 

Though the impact of the virus has affected everyone differently, America has taken one of the largest hits from this disease. For many complicated reasons such as lack of preparation and inefficient uses for resources, America has endured the longest timespan and rates of cases to COVID-19. With students returning back to campus, there have been an influx of cases from students and staff that have continued to cause concern. Therefore it has been shown evident that there hasn’t been a viable solution offered for this virus, meaning the days of its continuance are sure to expand. Accepting this reality causes Americans to address the question: Where do we go from here?

Moving forward, a good starting point is understanding that things will not be fixed with a push of a button.

Achieving my undergraduate degree and exploring the job market, I have seen a variety of concerns that are happening in America. Millions are attempting to find jobs, places of employment are going out of business and establishments aren’t sure how to proceed forward in the long run. Along with these companies, humans are also in turmoil in understanding how to adapt to these new ways of life, not including additional issues outside of just our economy. Though the pandemic has been occurring, this hasn’t hindered other serious problems. Issues such as police brutality, other diseases and political concerns have continued to plague the United States with problems and critical decisions that also affect the progression of the country. This places individuals in a position of desperate measures and a sense of confusion as to how to strive in such an environment.

Moving forward, a good starting point is understanding that things will not be fixed with a push of a button. Change is a slow progression and relies heavily on how each part contributes to this process. Resisting the present only hinders the understanding more than needed. Therefore, it is essential to realize this situation, analyze our new predicaments and find methods of action that help us to establish comfort for the long haul. With attempting such a task, I believe the main objectives of doing so include the establishment of peace but also the need for partnership with the ones around us. 

As we progress as a country, we are faced with too many issues to address on our own. This overwhelming feeling can be addressed with a sense of peace, created from being understanding and finding ways to handle these new concerns. We must accept that nothing will be perfect but we must better navigate these universal issues so that they do not overcome our sanity. 

We have seen countless instances of separation and competition: division in politics, hoarding supplies such as remaining toilet tissue and further separation in beliefs and values. Though this has been apparent, this separation has caused nothing more than aggression, tension and disadvantages for those deeply involved. Considering these times, efficient solutions are needed more than ever for individuals. 

With the desire to be selfish, there is currently no better time to abandon these ways and actually reach out a helping hand.

Though solutions aren’t always provided, humans have to find ways to solve problems internally and find ways to benefit others as well. With the desire to be selfish, there is currently no better time to abandon these ways and actually reach out a helping hand. In the same manner that everyone faces their own issues, communities are struggling in the same capacity. In this time of desperation, it is time to focus on the things that unite us instead of harping on the aspects that don’t. By banning together, we are able to work together and provide a sense of hope over desperation. Therefore, as we move forward during these times it is essential to grasp the ideas that our old methods are inefficient, that all communities have been permanently impacted and that the need of peace and partnership can head us into a brighter future. 

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