Brianna Martinez

Staff Writer

Scorpio Season is upon us. It began October 23rd and will run its course until November 21st. Did you feel the shift of the cosmos? The sun moved into the sign of Scorpio, and the changes in the weather even became evident: chilly winds, rainy nights  then become filled with a bright sun in the morning. So what can all 12 zodiac signs expect this Scorpio season? 

Well, expect things to move fast. Expect people to show their true colors and reveal intentions behind the veil of reality. Good or bad, soak in every emotion. Scorpios are a water sign, and the water elements flows naturally and cannot be controlled. Allow yourself during this time to become self aware of your feelings, thought patterns, and what it is that you truly desire out of life.  Use these free flowing emotions and thoughts to help you create and understand your reality. 

Some tips for this Scorpio season are journaling, going out on the town with friends, spending time with family and loved ones, as well as getting out and finding a new coffee shop to enjoy. Adapting to this Scorpio season might not be easy, as a lot of depth on topics, people, places, and things run high. But it is important to understand that when these things come, really pay attention to them and don’t be afraid to try and investigate some more. 

By the end of this season, you will have the answers you need and want to receive about certain things, or even people. Wear your favorite lipstick this season, wear those heels. Wear that nice outfit you have been saving. Do something to make you feel good and alive. Scorpios are all about looking good, so you can feel good. Treat yourself and don’t feel bad about it. Take time for yourself so you can feel renewed and give the people you love the best version of yourself this Scorpio season.

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