The Best Black Romance Films: A Guide for Love, Culture, and History

Veronica Glover

Staff Writer

Here’s what to watch this month to celebrate your loved ones and embrace black history. 

The season is finally here to cuddle up with loved ones and watch something that represents those warm, tender feelings you have for each other. In light of Black History Month, what better way to celebrate Black excellence than watching a few classic romance movies? While some may be touchier than others, you will not be able to look away from the excitement and passion. 

I’d like to begin with a more recent favorite of mine: “Queen & Slim” (2019). This film is a spin on the highly praised “Thelma & Louise” and transforms it into an epic tale of Black Love. The story follows two young adults after their first date takes an unfortunate turn. Their fight-or-flight instincts kick in and the two decide to make the ultimate sacrifice of choosing love and survival over freedom and being deprived of rights. If you’re looking for a tearjerker with a thrill that keeps you on the edge of your seat, I highly recommend that you start here. 

Furthermore, I felt that it was only right to include the academy award-winning “Moonlight.” The creative genius, Barry Jenkins, did an incredible job at capturing the life of main character Chiron Harris in three chapters that portray significant moments that shape his life. This breathtaking coming-of-age film reveals the struggles of identity, sexuality, adolescence, and manhood for an African-American male. This film takes you on an epic journey that will change you forever. “Moonlight” is transcendent as it rejects the stereotypical depictions of African-Americans and embraces the realities that Black boys and men face every day. Get ready to grab your tissues and hold on to your loved ones as you take in the experiences of the characters Little, Chiron, and Black. 

Additionally, “Love Jones” seems to be at the top of everyone’s list, especially during this time of year. The incredibly talented actor Larenz Tate teams up with the gorgeous Nia Long to create a story of true love. This film takes you on a ride with unexpected turns with a more realistic approach to an unconventional love story. With that said, Darius (Tate) and Nina (Long) find each other in Chicago while Darius is reading poetry one night at a jazz club. After a series of run-ins, the two decide to take a chance and try dating. However, things are not that simple as they seem to have met at the wrong time. Nina is fresh out of a relationship and is unsure whether she still has feelings for her ex. Whereas, Darius is not sure about his intentions with Nina. Nevertheless, we soon find out that love has a way of bringing people together no matter the obstacle. “Love Jones” is definitely worth the watch, as you will be captivated by the 90s love that has acquired such a cult following over the years.

Lastly, to honor the beloved late Sidney Poitier and his amazing contributions to motion pictures and Black culture, I’d like to highlight his performance in “A Warm December.” This classic film dates back to 1973, starring Esther Anderson and Sidney Poitier, who directed and starred in the romantic drama, taking the lead role as Dr. Matt Younger. The old-timey essence of the movie helps the audience appreciate this quintessential masterpiece of courtship and romance. The film represents the history of African-Americans as intellectuals and performers, as Dr. Matt Younger travels to London and instantly falls for a worthy woman, Catherine Oswandu. As the plot unfolds, we discover that there is more than meets the eye and their relationship is soon put to the test. This heart-wrenching journey will make you appreciate your loved ones and the time you share even more. “A Warm December” is available to stream for free on Tubi. 

Whether you’re in the mood for a classic romance or modern-day love story, these films are sure to fulfill your every desire in this time of adoration and remembrance. Do not hesitate to tell your significant other how much they mean to you. Snuggle up, share a few hugs, and shed a few tears from the heart.

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5 replies

  1. Thanks for the recommendations, can’t wait to watch!!


  2. I lovedddd this & I’m going to watch all the movies listed. The way you described them literally intrigues me lol


  3. You just helped me make plans for my weekend! A Warm December seems quite fitting for a rainy Saturday. Thanks!


  4. Thanks for sharing! I only know two out of the three. I will definitely have to check out the last one it went way over my head. I am such a sucker for Love Jones. I saw Queen and Slim twice, but I will give it another watch for sure!


  5. Nice choices. I’m a film buff, I think “Boomerang” with Eddie Murphy and Halle Berry is the best black romance film of all time. Even the film score was beautiful. (“Coming to America” is also a great classic romance as well). I also loved “Poetic Justice”.

    I believe “When Harry Met Sally” is the best romance movie ever.


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