College Events and COVID

Jazz Johnson

Senior Staff Writer

When most people think about college, they think of all the fun parties and activities that they can attend. However, college parties have looked a little different for the past two years. My freshman year of college was right in the middle of the pandemic. Parties weren’t happening, and it wasn’t super safe to go. These past two semesters have been the most normal college semesters I’ve ever had. With the mask mandate being lifted, there are more opportunities for partying and social events in general. I’m fully aware of the stigma that college parties have: drinking, smoking, hookup culture. But, I think parties are a great way to meet people, hang out with your friends, get to know your college town, and take a break from studying. 

When the pandemic first broke out, colleges became COVID-19 hotspots. Students were at high risk, and schools started to put consequences in place to slow down the spread. Many schools around North Carolina got shut down during the 2020-2021 school year, and students had to be sent home due to rising cases. Some of these cases can be linked to parties, which, at the time, were not allowed and/or recommended. 

Here at UNCG, social events happening on campus were either online, in person with limited capacity, or face coverings were heavily enforced. These decisions led students, including myself, to stay inside most of the time and not engage with campus as much. There were still opportunities for social gatherings, but it wasn’t the same. 

Now that face-coverings are optional, college parties are back in action. So many events have been planned since the start of the spring semester. It’s great being able to get that traditional college experience. You get to meet more people and make new friends. 

Our school is close to A&T, so I know some of us enjoyed the Aggie Fest activities. I know I did. If you haven’t yet, I recommend going out one or two times before the semester ends. It can be enjoyable with the right people! There are plenty of clubs and lounges in the area. I also recommend taking part in UNCG’s Spring Fling activities. 

Here are a few events happening on campus: 

  • Shave the Stress Away April 19th, 12-2 pm Minerva statue 
  • Comedy Special April 20th, 7-9 pm EUC auditorium 
  • In it to win it outdoor arcade April 21st 4 pm Quad Lawn 
  • Coffee and Cones April 22nd 12 pm Minerva 
  • Glowchella April 23rd, 8 pm Cone Ballroom
  • Springin to Summer Festival April 26th, 5 pm College Ave 
  • So you think you can sync April 27th 

You can find these events on SpartanConnect

Make sure to sign in with your UNCG email and search “Spring Fling” in the search bar to RSVP for the events! 

Going to these events is a great way to take your mind off of finals and enjoy the weather!

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