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Erin Yandell

Staff Writer

“Stranger Things” is no stranger to being in the spotlight: the original Netflix series has been garnering global attention since its release in 2016, and its fourth season is no different. With its return, the show warmly welcomed some new characters that blended in seamlessly with the close-knit cast. This new season brings along a sinister tone that unravels the origin of the Upside Down and shocks its audience with unforeseen action as well as a heartbreaking ending.

Our characters are faced with yet another monster from the Upside Down, this time unraveling more of the “Stranger Things” story. Vecna, the mastermind behind the demogorgons and the Mind Flayer, is gearing up to unleash his wrath on Hawkins, Indiana. We watch as the Hawkins crew struggles to solve the mystery of Vecna and devise a plan to destroy him before he kills Max and succeeds in opening the gates between the worlds. El works to regain her powers while recovering memories of a sinister figure, 001, better known as Henry or Vecna. The comedic duo of Murray and Joyce embark on a treacherous journey to Russia to save Hopper, while the kids are going through another world-saving adventure.

The characters, old and new, are what keep fans enthralled in the show. Over the seasons we’ve seen friendships develop and grow, with this season being no different. Audiences connect with characters and use them as comfort in their lives. We are reminded of the banter of the goofy yet honest Steve and Robin friendship. Steve remains the group’s mother, towing along his kids and ensuring everyone’s safety. Dustin and Steve’s relationship grows to show how close the two have gotten since Season 2. People adore their sarcastic quips and teasing. We feel for Max, her sadness radiating through the screen, as she shows her strength despite unfortunate circumstances. El, our focus since Season 1, goes through classic teenage drama alongside the heavy weight of recovering her powers. She feels lost and weak, struggling to be the force she once was. And then there’s Eddie. Oh, Eddie.

He stole the hearts of fans this season. The misunderstood metalhead and Dungeons & Dragons nerd. Looking past his intimidating appearance, there is a kindred, goofy soul. Fans admire his fervent goal of welcoming “lost sheepies,” outcasts who need a family, into Hellfire Club. It’s clear that the town’s judgment has taken a toll on Eddie, his shame evident when he realizes that they might be right after a horrifying episode. However, the judgments are disproved as throughout the season we see Eddie’s sweet, brotherly friendship with Dustin and his eventual selflessness that comes to the forefront in the calamitous ending.

Each character goes through their own personal turmoil, but their actions and relationships form an unspoken bond between character and audience.  

Despite the eerie, mysterious vibe of the sci-fi show, everyone can relate to the characters. Each season the show introduces instantly loveable characters that fans find themselves attached to and invested in. It is this brilliant character development that strengthens the franchise’s supremacy.

Another summer was captured by the enthralling show, proving once again the power of television shows and their characters. The ‘80s nostalgia, the friendships, the mystery, and everything in between are what makes this show special. Its comfort calls to the hearts of new fans every day, ensuring its legacy which will have fans eagerly anticipating the final season.

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